Progress, not perfection

Sarah is making progress on her projects in Illinois. Today, she’s sharing some of that progress, as well as the lesson that it’s okay to strive for progress over perfection.

“Progress, not Perfection.”

I am not sure who said it first. A quick internet search shows many people using this phrase. My cousin is a personal trainer, and she uses it for her clients. It is a great reminder when you are trying to be healthier, but I think it pertains to so much in life.

That is what I am going to use for my personal home goals too. I did not finish any of my first three projects yet, but I did make progress.

If you look back to my earlier post one of my goals is to paint Blitz’s dog house. I still haven’t decided what color I want to paint it but that doesn’t stop me from going ahead and priming it.

Of course I had help. Because when you have a 6 month old puppy, you really can’t do anything without him being under your feet.

Or close enough to what you are painting that he gets white paint on his head and ears.

So there has been progress.

In other news, while I was out in the yard today I noticed new growth at the base of my mums.

You probably remember my massive mums from previous posts. My dad wants a few starts from it, so when the weather warms up quite a bit I will split it up again like I did last year.

When we went over to visit my parents today, my mom showed me her plans and shopping list for her garden for this year. Seeing the starts of the mums and seeing my mom’s plans made me realize, I am already behind on my garden planning this year.

I need to just keep making progress.

Thanks for the reminder, Sarah. It’s great to see the progress that you–and Blitz–are making. I love the paint in his fur. Such a helpful guy. I hope you’re able to continue making progress.

4 thoughts on “Progress, not perfection

  1. Hahaha, his ears…they are ridiculous in every way, So cute!! What colours are you thinking of for the doghouse?
    I think “progress, not perfection” may have originated from the 12 step program of AA. I know they’ve had it as a slogan forever and a day. It does apply to so much in life, if not everything. It’s an excellent thing to keep in mind, and I have to remind myself of that too, with all my unfinished projects and work that spawns more work…

    • Well, we have some gray paint sitting here that could work, and I am always looking for ways to use what I have and not spend money. But…I am thinking Blitz needs a little more fun color for his palace.

      That very well could be where the phrase originated, Jan, thank you! And you’re right, it could apply to most things in our lives!

      • You could get a couple of samples of whatever colours you want, they are very inexpensive. Or finding a good oopsie paint is another way to get a fun colour without breaking the bank.

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