Farm-iversary 5

This week marks five years since we’ve owned the farm.

Five years feels like a major milestone to me, even though we know this is our forever home. We’ve always looked at the farm as a long term commitment. And we knew the process of renovating the house and property would take awhile.

Sometimes, the “unfinished” parts of the house bug me a bit–I want a kitchen where the cabinets aren’t falling apart, a garage where I can park my car and walk right into the house, a bathroom that isn’t falling apart.

But I know those will come.

Mostly, I’m proud of what we’ve built here–what we’re building here–and how we’re doing it together. Over the past five years, we’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve put in a lot of work and money and time. With every project we’re making the farm our own and building the life that we want.

To mark five years, I’m looking back at some of the major projects we’ve completed:

The infrastructure

I don’t know what the exact title for this section should be. I think it’s clear that we bought a fixer-upper house. Before we got started on any of the more cosmetic renovations, we had to focus on the basic systems that run the house.

The basement

The basement was where our renovations started. One of the things that drew us to this house was its usable basement–many old farmhouses that we looked at had dirt cellars. But what initially appeared to be a nicely finished space turned out to be pretty much a disaster. So we gutted it back to the concrete and started fresh. It was still going to be usable. It was just going to take a little while–and an afternoon spent hauling a woodstove up the stairs by a rope attached to the back of my Dad’s truck.

We redid everything. We adjusted the floorplan slightly and then reframed, rewired, reinsulated, redrywalled, repainted, refloored, refurnished. Our first Christmas at the farm, the best gift was finally having carpet and a couch in the basement.

Matt and me after sanding drywall

Drywall was not the best of times either.

As I’ve mentioned, we still have a few finishing details that are hanging around, but I am so proud of the basement. The spaces that we created–new bathroom, laundry room, office, storage, family room, games area, reading nook and ping pong room–are so perfect for our family. And I feel like the way we organized the different spaces is the way the basement was meant to be.

Black and white shaker cabinets with chrome hardware in the laundry room

Main floor

The main floor has not seen quite the same level of transformation as the basement. Long term, it will be the focus of a major renovation. But in the meantime, we’re doing smaller fixes to make it ours.

Simple bright country mudroom

  • We painted the living room, built the wood-burning fireplace and added bookshelves. I have a plan to plank the ceiling in this room and dramatically improve the lighting someday.
  • The dining room is untouched except for our furniture.
  • The main bathroom is untouched except for a new toilet, exhaust fan and new/old light fixture.
  • The indoor pool room remains untouched except for removing solar blanket (why for an indoor pool?) and some garbage.

Fieldstone fireplace with barn beam mantel


I can’t think about the farm without thinking about the land. Our 129 acres with its forests, marshes, fields and trails is magical. We’re still figuring out how to take care of the property and how much we can handle.

We do not have a beautifully manicured farm–and honestly I’m not sure that’s the type of farm I want. However, there are enough weeds and brush and rocks and piles of junk that property clean up continues to be on our to-do list every year. We’re getting closer and closer to the maintenance point, rather than the clean-up point, I think.

  • We installed our low-tech security system, the gate, at the bottom of the driveway.
  • We planted trees along the driveway–talk about a long-term commitment. It’s a good thing this is our forever house, or else I would never see my vision of large branches arching over the driveway.
  • We are ever so slowly reclaiming the farm from the rocks, lumber, brush, trash and what have you that are strewn around. I cannot begin to think of how many loads of rocks we’ve hauled to the pile behind the barn.
  • The flower gardens we built around the front of the house are now fairly well-established. It’s been amazing to see them fill out every year.
  • Last year I feel like we finally crossed the line between having a vegetable patch and having a vegetable garden. I’m so excited to have this for the rest of our lives here at the farm.

Evolution of the turnaround flower garden

I think it’s clear that I love our life here. I love what we’re building together–from the home to the land to the gardens. It truly has become the best of times.

7 thoughts on “Farm-iversary 5

  1. Good job! You have made an enormous amount of progress. I love the pictures of you and Matt. They make me smile. It’s not all fun and games and blogging, huh? 🙂 Cheers to the next five years!

  2. Happy Farm-iversary! I imagine your place something like one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden, where it is all overrun and it takes time to uncover all of the beauty growing under the weeds. You are getting there!

  3. I love this post! It’s hard to believe it’s been so long already (at least since I’ve been following along..) What a huge amount of work does go in to it. But what’s cool is that the whole thing is becoming more and more yours, not only by your choices but also by your work, from the infrastructure on up. It’s not like you hired a designer and had everything done by others, all at once. Not that that’s a bad thing if you can swing it…but I think there’s a depth to your connection with your surroundings when you’ve done so much of the work yourself that might be less, otherwise. You are truly rooted. 🙂
    Happy farm-iversary!

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