Cool or creepy?


One thing our home is lacking is bookends. I know. It’s tragic. You pity me, don’t you?

I will admit that as our bookshelves are filling up, there is less and less need for bookends. On many shelves, the books now go end to end, and I have a hard time squeezing in the decorative objets that I want to display.

However, I am still on the hunt for some bookends. So far, I’ve found them hard to find.

I’m only looking casually at thrift stores, so this hasn’t been the most active of hunts. I don’t want them to be super kitschy. I also want them to be cheap–hence, thrift store.

I came across this hand bookend last week. I immediately picked it up, but then I second guessed myself. Was it creepy?

Hand bookend

I bought it anyways.

Even if it is creepy, I think it works with Matt’s Stephen King collection.

Hand bookend

What’s your vote? Creepy? Or cool?


16 thoughts on “Cool or creepy?

  1. I don’t find it creepy either. A little weird but in a way that would make me smile. I second guessed myself with a few things, too, but it all worked out. I think impulse buys at thrift stores are how our subconscious tells us what we really want.

  2. Also, remember that I have that bust in my living room specifically because when I was little I thought that an identical one was creepy… and right above it is a mirror that I thought was way too grand to ever want.

  3. I like it! I agree that it’s perfect there. And some day if you want to change it up, it looks a perfect candidate for spray paint.
    Have you done a post on your bookshelves? They are looking fab!

  4. My mom wanted me to post a picture of her bookends. She said that she doesn’t think yours are creepy but that she would paint them.



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