Gotcha Day 4

Baxter hiking on a boardwalk through the marsh

I haven’t written as much about Baxter on this blog since I started writing for But Mr. B is still our favourite dude and a huge part of life at the farm.

I love that he’s by my side as I work on projects or walk over the property. And I love that he’s opened up other opportunities for me, like writing for, or connecting with our off leash hiking group.

Baxter came to live with us July 7, 2013, so last week was his fourth gotcha anniversary.

I’m keeping up my annual tradition of writing a letter to Baxter (inspired by Tracey at love lives on). It’s posted at

Here are my letters from year 1, year 2 , year 3 and Baxter’s adoption story.

5 thoughts on “Gotcha Day 4

  1. That’s a lovely letter. How old is Bax now? We get the same question about Bear. He’s 10, which is old for such a huge dog, but since he started on his thyroid pills he’s like a puppy again on our walks!
    There’s this meme I love, it’s a little cartoon drawing of a person walking with a dog. The scene they’re walking into is comprised of hills and trees. The person has a thought bubble, and it’s filled with all kinds of words going every direction – bills, problems at work, things to do at home, etc etc. The dog has a thought bubble too, and in it is the very same scene that they’re in – the hills and the trees. It kind of says it all…

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