New year and new addition

Hello everyone. Happy 2018. We enjoyed a nice long, relaxing break (thanks for your patience with the silence on the blog).

I’m calling the break well-deserved because it turns out Santa brought his friend the Stork when he visited our house over the holidays.

Our little family of Matt, Ralph, Baxter and I is going to be welcoming a new addition early in March.

We're having a baby

As we start the new year, there’s obviously lots of news to share–the baby’s room, how Baxter’s getting ready to be a big brother (Ralph’s already got the big sister thing down), boy or girl–along with more updates from the farm.

While we’re counting down to baby’s arrival, I’m going to be decreasing my posting schedule to once a week (Sarah in Illinois will be continuing as a contributor, so every other week you’ll see two posts).

I love keeping track of the memories we’ve made since moving to the farm through the blog and sharing our farm adventures with all of you. There’s lots more to come, and I’m hoping to continue sharing our story once baby arrives.

26 thoughts on “New year and new addition

  1. Congratulations to you all! I am so happy for you. A little while ago, you posted a photo on Instagram, and I thought there might be a baby bump in that picture with you. 🙂 However, we all know that one should never never NEVER ask someone if they are pregnant. So glad you shared your big news. Happy New Year!

  2. Wowowow!!! That is so exciting!!! You just blew my mind. In March!! I can’t wait to follow along this journey with you. I hope you’re feeling well. The first thing I thought of was how even MORE difficult that must have been to go through what you did with Matt’s eyes. What incredible stress. You both look gorgeous in this picture and I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    P.S. We will be sharing in the journey – somewhat – as I’m going to be a grandma again around June 1st 🙂

    • Congrats on your own new addition. How exciting! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It’s been nice to have something so good while we’ve been going through Matt’s treatments. And honestly pregnancy has been easy so far, thankfully.

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