Ellie and I at the Remembrance Day ceremony

Before my Dad died, maybe even before I was pregnant with Ellie, I said to Matt one night how sad I was that if we ever had children they would never know their grandfather. My Dad’s Parkinson’s was progressing, and coupled with dementia he wasn’t himself anymore. Matt said, “There is more than one way to know someone.” My wise husband.

So I make sure to tell Ellie about her grandfather and teach her some of the things that my Dad taught me.

Today is an important day for our family and part of the tradition I want to pass on to Ellie. Remembrance Day.

This is the day when I think about my grandfather, another man that I want Ellie to know.

The annual Remembrance Day service at the legion in my hometown is something I shared with my Dad every year. It was different this year.

My Dad was not there in person.

But we went with Ellie. And we talk to her over the day about her grandfather and great grandfather. We will carry on the tradition with her.

I feel my Dad’s spirit every day. So he was there still. And so was Ellie.

5 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. What a beautiful way to continue your tradition with your dad. I’ve started doing the same, talking to my grandson about Great Grandpa and Great Grandma (my parents). I think if I use their names regularly enough and tell good stories, they’ll become real people to our littles. Have you heard of a nursery tree? We have some here in the old growth forests. When a tree falls or is cut down and is lying on the forest floor, sometimes a baby tree will grow right out of the stump that remains in the ground. The stump provides the root system and tons of nourishment to the little new tree. I can see the parallel to these ancestors and wee ones. I love the picture of you and Ellie!

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