Christmas stockings full of memories

Christmas tree in front of the fireplace

In the 1970s, my Dad got into latch hooking (or rug hooking, as he called it). He made a big wall hanging, a Christmas wreath and, when I was born, my Christmas stocking. He went on to make stockings for each of my sisters and my brother as well.

When Matt and I moved into our first house, I brought my stocking with me. Matt did the same. They don’t match. They’re not large. They are certainly not trendy. But they are full of meaning and memories for us.

When I realized Ellie needed a Christmas stocking, I wanted hers to have the same meaning. As she grows, it will take on more memories. But I wanted it to be special right from the start.

I’ve written before about how we’re trying to keep my Dad alive for her, so I decided that I would latch hook a stocking for her. I found a company online that had lots of kits, and Matt picked out the pattern–a puppy, of course.

Our Christmas stockings

It arrived at the start of December and I worked diligently (sometimes feverishly) every day to finish it by Christmas. Every time I sat down with the yarn and the hook and the mesh, I felt connected to my Dad. It feels so special to know she’ll have this stocking, chosen by her Daddy, inspired by her Grandpa and made by her Mama.

For the first time, we have three stockings hanging above the fireplace. It’s so special to mark this first Christmas with our new little family and add to our memories together.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, filled with memories and family.

11 thoughts on “Christmas stockings full of memories

  1. Julia, that’s a very cute puppy stocking for Ellie- and meaningful! Rug hooking was popular in the 70’s. They used to sell the kits at Mary Maxim. I made an ‘alphabet’ mat for Greg one year.

  2. I love the meaning behind the stocking. My paternal grandmother made a “hook rug” that hung on her door at Christmas. I have it and I have made my own hook rug although not Christmas themed. I may have to find one!

    I have my “baby’s first stocking” and my stocking from when I was a bit older. They lay on the tree skirt under the tree. Steve and I have more “functional” matching stockings that hang with the kids’ stockings and a stocking for Blitz of course!

  3. I love your stocking trio! They may not match, but they “go”. 🙂 And they kind of do match, because they’re all bright colours, old-fashioned-kid-themed and of a similar size. They look so warm and cozy hanging on your big stone fireplace! It’s really special, the layering of family history and love that you all have contributed to Ellie’s stocking. Also, nice work! I used to make hook rugs, and it’s pretty time consuming. I never thought of making stockings – they’re so cute!

    • PS. Your tree is beautiful too. Are you going to post about it and any special ornaments some day? (Or did you and I’ve forgotten?) We are living vicariously as far as Christmas is concerned. We’re repairing walls and painting our new place, packing boxes upon boxes here, and moving on Friday!

      • Thanks, Jem. I’ve not posted about our tree–and this is the first tree we’ve had in many, many years. The ornaments are–surprise–all from family and collected over the years. No theme here, unless we’re talking about memories.

        What a time to be moving! Good luck with everything.

  4. Aww, very special. My mom made me a Christmas stocking, either when I was a baby or before I was born. It brings back a lot of memories every year. She still has it at her house.

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