A Mother’s Day tree

Planting a tree for Mother's Day

You know those fantasies you have as you’re growing up, where you envision your home and your family and your life someday when you’re an adult?

One of mine was very specific. I think this was when I was a teenager, even before I met Matt.

I would live on a farm. There would be a big house, a big barn, beautiful property and trees. Lots and lots of trees. We would grow our own Christmas trees. And every Mother’s Day, we would plant a few new Christmas trees.

I had forgotten about this plan, but it came back to me the other day. Ellie was playing outside and I was digging a hole in preparation for planting a tree. I had come up with the idea that I wanted to transplant a tree for Mother’s Day. That it would be a fun, life affirming, long-reaching thing for us to do together.

Planting a tree for Mother's Day

As I was digging away, the memory of my childhood vision came back to me. I am so grateful that I got to make it real yesterday with our girl–and our furry children as well.

Planting a tree for Mother's Day

Planting a tree for Mother's Day

Ellie swinging on her playset with Baxter and Ralph behind the new tree we planted for Mother's Day

Matt was forever teasing me about my “sticks.” If a maple tree shows up somewhere I don’t want it, you can bet I’m going to transplant it, rather than dig it out and throw it away. This has led to a lot of spindly trees, but they usually survive their relocation and hopefully someday this stick will be a big beautiful reminder of this special time with our little girl.

How did you mark Mother’s Day?


7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day tree

  1. Love your story about planting a tree with Ellie. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.

    We saw our family yesterday in person, at a suitable distance, and on Facetime and they spoiled me with dinner I didn’t have to make, flowers for the table, and a few small gifts of children’s art.

  2. Love 💕 ur love of trees! My back yard is so full don’t have room to add any more.
    Ellie is growing up so fast and is precious. I know she is a joy to you. Thanks for the darling pics.

  3. Is this tree also a maple? That sounds like a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. I used to go to the greenhouse every year and often there would be a tree in the mix. This year though, we went to the beach and saw family at last! There was some social distancing still, but the children did play together. The weather was beautiful, my sons brought guitars, and altogether it was good for the soul. I’m so grateful. Happy Mother’s Day to you! You are a wonderful mother. I love how Matt would tease about your sticks. I can imagine his presence was with you yesterday.

    • It is a maple. We have a few scrub/weedy trees that don’t get transplanted, but pretty much everything else does.

      Your Mother’s Day sounds very nice. Family is definitely good for the soul. Thank you for kind comment.

  4. That’s a wonderful tradition! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    We had lunch at my brother’s with our parents and his in-laws and my new baby neice. We are not holding her yet to keep our germs away but we sure do enjoy being with her!

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