Mudroom door in Knoxville Gray

We had our first snowfall. We’ve had flurries, but yesterday there was finally enough snow to stick on the ground for a few hours. The time for outdoor work is coming to an end, and I’m glad that I crossed painting the mudroom door off my list a few weeks ago.

I chose a grey-turquoise, Knoxville Gray from Benjamin Moore. In pictures it looked like a nice, dark, saturated, not too bright turquoise. On the BM website, it looks grey. (And on a dim snowy day it looks quite blue.)

As I started to paint, I was questioning my choice. It was grey.

I had nice weather. It was a preschool day, so I had time.

I. Was. Painting. The. Door.

I envisioned speeding into town to get the can retinted to more blue, more green, more colour.

And then it started to dry. And it wasn’t grey. It wasn’t blue. It wasn’t green. It was the perfect nice, dark, saturated, not too bright turquoise.


Next up, painting the rest of the mudroom (an inside job that will hopefully begin this week).

Who else has questioned their colour choice mid-paint job? Do you have any outdoor projects you’re trying to finish? Have you had any snow yet?


8 thoughts on “Mudroom door in Knoxville Gray

  1. I always question my color choice – when I open the can, when it first goes on, as it starts drying and sometimes even days later. But it’s almost always better than what I painted over – the previous owner used greens and golds; we prefer pink, peach and blue.

    And now I have to see if I can use that same color on my front door – our house is brick and we’ve used blue, aqua and red on the porch so I’ve been looking for a dark blue-y turquoise. Thanks!

    • I’m glad that you like it. I like the contrast of blue-green with brick (or in our case the warmer siding), so I think this would look great on your porch.

      Better than what was there before is also a good standard to use when judging paint jobs!

  2. Ooh, I love it! That colour is going to look so nice against the snow all winter.
    I have totally questioned my paint choices mid-paint job. So many times! It usually just takes time to adjust, but once in awhile it really has been a bad colour.
    As for outdoor projects, we have plenty. And indoor ones too! We just moved into our new place, and while it’s substantially more finished than our last place, it still needs lots of work to make it feel like ours. (First up – cleaning! We’re having to scrub every nook and cranny before we can put our stuff there. I’m not a clean freak, but oy.)
    I love your snow. We just had the most massive rain dump ever. Some snow would be a nice change!

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