Farewell first house

Our first homeThe sale on our first house officially closes today.

We listed the house for sale right after our offer was accepted on the farm, and it sold within three weeks. But due to a long closing date, we’ve technically owned two houses for the past two months.

This house was a great starter home for us. It was the perfect size for two people, and we had plenty of opportunities to practice renovating and fixing up a home.

On my last visit to the house, Matt’s tulips were just beginning to bloom in the front garden that we put in together.


The trees were starting to come into leaf.

Maple tree

When we first saw the house, we were attracted by the mature trees in the backyard and were so excited by the fact that we owned them. Now we own hundreds of trees, and we value them just as much.

We knew all along that this house was just the start for us. Our time there made it possible for us to be at the farm now. It was a wonderful five and a half years.

4 thoughts on “Farewell first house

  1. We were sad to see you go from the neighbourhood, but are excited for your new adventure. We are enjoying keeping up on it through your blog!

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