Laundry day

The “Going Geothermal” series will continue later this week, but first I have to share an exciting update from this weekend, which involved installation of the latest in modern conveniences, a washing machine!

Laundry drying on a clothesline

The first laundry day at the farm

As I mentioned before, we’ve had some issues with our water, one of which is high iron content (remember Psycho Shower?). We didn’t want to hook up our new washing machine only to have it turn orange, so it’s been sitting in the basement for the past month.

As of Friday, our new treatment and filter systems are in place, so first thing Saturday morning we connected the washer and started laundry.

Our new Maytag 2000 Series washer and dryer

Sheets and towels, socks and underwear, pyjamas and work clothes, reno clothes and rags. Everything went through. By Sunday night, I’d done six loads in all.

We have a new dryer too, but I decided to take advantage of a nice day and hung the wet clothes on the line outside. Plus, I think a clothesline is just more farm-y. Don’t you?

4 thoughts on “Laundry day

    • I’ve never noticed that before, but now I’m probably always going to see it! This is the first time they’ve been sitting side by side, so maybe they actually are happy. I certainly was happy to have everything hooked up finally!

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