Mini meows

Here is the first photo of the kittens.

Garbage on the drive shed loft

Not quite the fluffballs you were expecting?

Let’s try that again. Here’s the second photo of the kittens.

Kittens in a cardboard box

See them now?

We haven’t cleaned out the loft in the drive shed yet (don’t judge), and, when it came time for Ralph to have her babies, this is the spot she chose. It’s actually a pretty good location. High off the ground so no animals can get them. Sheltered in a cardboard box. Well hidden behind all kinds of garbage. I’m amazed Matt was able to figure out where they were.

Sometime last weekend, Ralph decided her babies were ready for a new home. Again, Matt was the one who discovered where that was.

Week-old kittens

Matt pets the kittens for the first time

The kittens are now in a stall in the basement of the barn. For the first time, we’re able to see them clearly, so we can confirm we have four kittens. They’re two weeks old, so their eyes are starting to open, but they’re not very mobile yet.

Yawning kitten

I think someone’s getting hungry

Six weeks to go and they’ll be ready for adoption. Let me know in the comments if you want a fluffball of your very own.


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