Deadbeat dumpers

To the people who gave us their couch, thank you.

Broken couchYour thoughtless gift shows how little you truly care about those around you.

Leaving the couch in our ditch was so unexpected. Gift giving is much more meaningful when your recipients are surprised.

The massage feature must be so soothing. It’s such a shame that the couch was broken during delivery, and we won’t be able to fully enjoy its plush comfort.

Massaging couch

I am amazed by the depth of your selfishness.

A true sincere thank you to our garbage men who took pity on us and picked up the pieces we left on the shoulder of the road when we couldn’t fit any more in our cars.

7 thoughts on “Deadbeat dumpers

  1. OMG that is the one thing I hate about living in the country. Thank God my road is not that bad but there are some roads that people use as dumping grounds on a regular and it looks so terrible. Just to be a smart alec I would make a poster of this posting and hang it in the local grocery store. It will embarrass them as someone will recognize that hideous couch!

  2. This is epidemic in my section of California and it’s just so gross. There is no end to the ways people disgust me – from their belief that they can dump whatever wherever to their penchant for taking what does not belong to them. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  3. That’s terrible. I hope you haven’t had to deal with too many surprises like that one. (And lucky your garbage men were nice! Ours complain if they think they might break a nail…)

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