Strawberries for dinner… and breakfast

It turns out that one thing that can cause a traffic jam on a country road faster than a slow-moving tractor or a run-away cow is the start of strawberry season.


Ruby red strawberries just waiting to be picked.

Friday afternoon, a farm near us opened for business.

A lot of people had the same reaction that I did. “That sign said strawberries!” Hard brake, sharp turn, park the car immediately. “I have to pick my own? No problem. No, don’t worry about my pretty office shoes. Shall I just pick them into my purse, or can you sell me a basket?”

Mmmm… strawberries for dinner.

Yesterday morning, I decided to stop in before work. This time I was a little more prepared. I wore my rubber boots and brought my own baskets.

Basket of strawberries

What a nice way to start the morning

The scent in the air is amazing–pure strawberry sweetness.

In no time at all I had a full basket to share with people at the office. Yum!

Have you ever gone strawberry picking? What’s your favourite way to enjoy strawberries? Any good recipes to share?

4 thoughts on “Strawberries for dinner… and breakfast

  1. Your first sentence cracked me up, mainly beacuse it’s so true!

    I haven’t beem strawberry pickin’ since I was a kid, mostly because the fields have all closed. This year I got smart and planted my own,

    By the way, I found your blog via the “country living” tag on WordPress. Hello!

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