Wiley goes to work

Up until this past weekend, we hadn’t really cut the grass at the farm yet this year.

Yes, we are those neighbours.

A few weeks ago, Matt ran around the house a few times with our push mower until it ran out of gas, but that was it.

Things were starting to look a bit unkempt.

And then last week, Wiley arrived.

Sunday, we fired him up and got busy.

Kioti CS2410 with front end loader

First up, Matt and Wiley moved a pile of lumber up to the barn.

Matt and I have done a couple of walk-abouts recently picking up wood and sticks and rocks so that Wiley doesn’t hit anything and damage his blades. We still kept his mower really high, and I did all of the edging with our old push mower so that Wiley didn’t have to get too close to anything that might hurt him.

Kioti CS2410 cutting grass

Yes, the grass was a little long–so long that we can probably bale the clippings on the driveway and Matt had to raise the bucket to see where he was cutting.

I’ve learned that the term “lawn” doesn’t really apply on such a large property. Grass cutting is more of a question of “Where do I stop?”

Kioti CS2410 mowing the meadow

Matt and Wiley mowing the meadow down by the road.

Wiley is a good little worker. He cut grass, moved stumps and logs and even gave me a ride in the bucket.

Of course, his driver pretended he was going to tip me out of the bucket, but that wasn’t Wiley’s fault.

Once Wiley was done his work, Matt and his Dad went to work with their matching weed whackers and continued the battle to beat back the invading horde. There’s a manifest destiny thing going on in the fields, and the hay is definitely looking to expand its territory.

The property looks a little more groomed, and I feel like we’re making headway in tidying up the outdoors. Well done, Wiley and Matt.

This weekend it’s my turn to drive. Wiley better get ready.

What’s your mode of mowing? Anyone out there muscling along with a reel mower? Or are you a weed-whacking wizard?

7 thoughts on “Wiley goes to work

  1. I have been following your 129 steps to a happy home for several months. It’s a great read for me. Exciting, a breath of fresh air. We do share common ground / interest. I also have the same model tractor. I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of mowing with the Kioti. For the grass I use a Bad Boy zero turn mower and ignore weed whacking even though a trim would look nice. I use my CS2410 for it’s backhoe, loader and snowblowing. ~ all the best ~ dave

    • A zero turn was also on the list, but we decided to go with a tractor that would hopefully do everything we needed it to. It doesn’t do weed whacking, although neither do we. 🙂 How does the snowblower work for you? Ours is scheduled to arrive this month.

      • I haven’t used the blower yet, coincidently the tractor is at the dealer having the blower installed. It should arrive back home 11/16 or 11/17. I have been using an old Case 444 Tractor with blower. Having a snowblower attachment on a tractor is imo the ultimate snow management plan. I’m certain Wiley will handle anything that falls from the sky. I hope you continue to pen your expriences and enjoy your farm as I have. It’s a pleasure.

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