Wild kingdom

I love seeing the wild animals at the farm.

Last week, I added a few new ones to my list:

  • Bunny–surprisingly, I’ve not seen a rabbit up until now, and last week I had two sightings, including one directly across from the front door when I came out in the morning.
  • Hummingbird–at a distance from the kitchen window. There were a lot of hummingbird feeders in the gardens around the house when we bought the farm, and I’ve just been stacking them on one of the wood piles. Maybe we should fill some of them instead.
  • A wild turkey family, complete with chicks–not actually on the farm, but on the drive to work on two separate mornings.
  • Turkey vulture–on the drive home from work. I’ve seen them before, but never up close. The nicest thing I can say is… ummm… her head was really red.

And in other wildlife news, my quest to photograph a deer continues.

Deer in a field

The best I’ve done so far.

We see deer fairly frequently at the farm. Their tracks and trails are everywhere. One showed up in the flesh (fur?) walking along the row of pines right beside the house. She was within a dozen metres of us. Of course, as soon as she realized she’d been spotted, she bounded away rather than posing for a picture.

I do think the deer that we see are getting more accustomed to us. I can walk out into the fields trying to get closer to them and they don’t spook immediately anymore. However, documenting them is a different story. Maybe they’re just camera shy.


4 thoughts on “Wild kingdom

  1. That picture is closer than the last one, lol!
    Definitely fill your hummingbird feeders! They’re so sweet, and they may be dependent on the feeders when it gets colder if the old homeowners had them out.

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