My cat has a concussion

Feeding time is Ralph’s favourite time of the day. She’s a pretty self-sufficient cat and an exceptional huntress. However, perhaps because she’s accustomed to the uncertainty of not knowing when her next meal will be, she gets quite excited when Matt gives her dinner.

Every evening, Matt makes his way out to the barn, scoops a bowl of kibble from the sack of Agri-Cat and sets it on the big folding table in the basement of the barn.

From the look of things when we first saw the farm, this seemed to be the routine that Ralph was used to.

She hops up on the table and devours the kibble.

Cat at food dish

Sometimes she puts a paw in the bowl to hold it in place (and no, she doesn’t get the whole big bowl full of kibble).

The other night, she was particularly excited. Matt grabbed the dish off the table to fill it, and Ralph made the leap to the table. Unfortunately, she was still under the table at the time.

Cat skull meet table. Thunk.

Matt dropped the bowl and picked up Ralph.

“Are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up? Where does it hurt?”

Being the self-sufficient resilient girl she is, Ralph was fine. She was hungry. So she squirmed out of Matt’s arms, reminded him with a meow he still had to fill her bowl and, once the kibble was on the table, properly positioned herself for the jump to the tabletop.

And then she ate.

Obviously a blow to the head has no affect on her appetite.


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