The dark side

I may be getting ahead of myself, but the other night I did this.

Paint brush and can of paint

Work continues on the drywall in the basement, but we’re all done in the bathroom. So before I put the tile on the walls, I decided to put on some paint.

Yes, I should be sanding and pasting, but it’s so much easier to open a can of paint and brush it around a small room. Never underestimate the power of instant gratification when it comes to renovations.

In fact, I was so pleased, I may not have stopped with just the prime.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

I decided to go really dark with Matt’s bathroom. It’s a pretty small room, and there are no windows, so my first instinct was to choose a really light paint. However, between the built-in shelving, tile and a big mirror, only one wall is going to be painted. Therefore, there’s room for some drama. Plus, everything else is going to be white or mirrored, so there will likely be enough lightness that the room doesn’t feel like it’s closing in on you.

The colour I chose is Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore. It’s a really dark grey that reads as black at times.

I’m hoping that it will play well with the grey tones in the tile.

And that’s another benefit of painting at this point in the project: no spatters or drips on our beautiful new tile.

This is my first time choosing a paint colour this dark, and so far I’m loving how it looks. If it turns out that I don’t love it later on, it’s simple enough to repaint one little wall.

Anyone else a fan of the dark side? What are your tricks for dealing with a small window-less room?

8 thoughts on “The dark side

  1. Instant gratification is always needed in the midst of one of those big projects that feels never-ending! paint usually does it for me too. And i LOOOOOVE the dark paint…everyone thinks you are supposed to go lighter in a small space, but all the designers are now saying it’s not the rule, to go dark! i can’t wait to see the drama all put together!

  2. Doing something like a ton of dry walling can be when you need a motivating shot-in-the-arm the most. And I love the paint colour! I’m getting more and more partial to the dark shades.

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