Who you gonna call? 1-800 DRYWALL

And we’re back.

Since I can no longer dive right in to a lake any time I want, let’s dive right back in to the basement renovation.

To recap for people whose minds may still be on a beach somewhere up north in cottage country (ahem), we ended up taking down all of the drywall on all of the exterior walls in the basement to upgrade the insulation. Then we ended up taking down most of the drywall on most of the ceilings to upgrade the electrical.

Matt declares victory over a pile of drywall and insulation.

Remember this scene from oh so long ago?

All of that taking down meant that eventually we’d reach a point where we’d have to put it all back up. But not the old stuff. That’s not how you do a reno.

With the old drywall unsalvageable, we had to buy new drywall. Now normally, I’d borrow my Dad’s truck and drive to the local lumber mill or home improvement store and buy the sheets that I need. However, renovating a whole entire basement means I’m working on a bit larger scale than usual. Too large for my Dad’s truck.

However, Dad still came in handy. With his help, we measured up the basement and came to the conclusion that we needed about 50 sheets of drywall. We also needed screws, tape, drywall compound (also known as mud or paste) and cornerbead.

As we were adding everything up, we decided that we also really needed someone to carry it down the basement stairs for us.

Matt, who like my father also happens to be a handy fellow, sourced out a selection of suppliers looking for the best price on both materials and delivery. As soon as he landed on 1-800 DRYWALL‘s website, the first words he said were, “These guys say basement delivery is their specialty.”

The marketing was working, but we needed a bit more information before we closed the deal.

We spent some time on their web site, reading all of their FAQs and getting a quote based on the material quantities we needed. Then I did it all again over the phone. Despite me asking a number of questions that were in the FAQ–including, “And delivery includes carrying all of the drywall down into the basement?”–the 1-800 DRYWALL staffer Roy was extremely friendly and helpful. He didn’t even mind when I decided to stop talking to  him and place my order through the web site because I could get $25 off for an online order.

On delivery day, my Dad was on-site to accept the order and supervise the unloading of all of the materials. True to their promise, the delivery team carried absolutely every piece of drywall down into the basement. They even stacked it in two different rooms based on my Dad’s directions.

Stack of drywall

A portion of our 50-sheet drywall order (and some new drywall already taped in the background)

The only hiccup on the day was on the screws. The screws I’d ordered online did not meet with my Dad’s approval. When it comes to drywall screws, my Dad likes a coarser thread because in his experience they hold better. However, the screws stocked by 1-800 DRYWALL had a thread that was too fine for my Dad’s standards, so back on the truck they went. Within a couple of days, 1-800 DRYWALL refunded my credit card, no questions asked.

Even with basement delivery (and not counting the screw refund), the price we paid for all of our materials was about $80 less than any other supplier we looked at–not a huge dollar figure, but enough to make a difference for us.

Where 1-800 DRYWALL truly beat the competition though was on the service side.

On the phone, over email and in person, everyone we dealt with was courteous, prompt and very helpful. Once I placed my order, I received a personal email confirmation, and two days after delivery I received a follow up email thanking me for my business and asking for any feedback.

The other element that I really appreciated was their web site. The site allowed me a high level of self-service, which I liked. I could fill my virtual shopping cart and get a quote all on my own. Plus, the FAQs, tips, testimonials, links to provincial building codes and professional site design inspired confidence that I was dealing with a reputable company.

In the end, my confidence was borne out. When you need drywall, I highly recommend you call 1-800 DRYWALL.

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