Six month review

Some days, it seems like we’ve always been here at the farm. Others, it still seems unreal that all of this is ours. However, it is true that this is our new life. In fact, Sunday was our 6-month anniversary of farm ownership.

Looking over the hayfield towards the barn

My backyard

I thought it might be interesting to look back and see what we’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Energy Audit, both the initial inspection and the post-retrofit review
  2. Install new geothermal heating/cooling/hot water system
  3. Have all of the ducts cleaned
  4. Drill a new well and install completely new pumping and treatment systems
  5. Buy and install new washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge. We were also given a new-to-us stove, so all of the appliances have now been replaced.
  6. Upgrade the insulation in the attic
  7. Remove woodstove from the basement
  8. Brick up two old windows and woodstove chimney hole in basement
  9. Reframe all of the exterior walls in the basement
  10. Rewire the basement and do minor electrical upgrades upstairs in the house like a new exhaust fan in the bathroom and a dimmer switch in the bedroom
  11. Reinsulate the basement with spray foam
  12. Install new drywall throughout the basement (pasting still in progress)
  13. Reframe and replumb basement bathroom and install new toilet in upstairs bathroom
  14. Choose tile for basement bathroom (we’ve taken delivery and just need to get moving on installation)
  15. Paint basement bathroom
  16. Reroof the house… I feel like this point should somehow be bigger to show the magnitude of this job
  17. Recover the chair seats of our newly refinished dining room set
  18. Cut down a huge tree that had a split in it and was dangerously close to the house (and cut and split all the wood)
  19. Find homes for three kittens, adopt one kitten ourselves… oh, and have Ralph spayed
  20. Get internet service
  21. Get telephone service
  22. Get satellite TV
  23. Remove the old TV aerial
  24. Make numerous repairs to the barn, including adding a door where there was just a door-sized hole, relocating another door, rehanging a third large sliding door, installing locks, fixing the broken staircase, installing lighting and plugs on the main floor, cleaning out many, many piles of garbage, scrap wood and bales and bales of loose straw
  25. Rehang the driveshed door so that it will now close
  26. Buy a tractor
  27. Install a gate on the driveway
  28. Sell the paddocks fencing, gates and run-in shelters (removal still in progress)
  29. Watch our first hay harvest
  30. Trench new waterline to the driveshed
  31. Clean out and clean up the house and property
  32. Move in (we’re waiting to finish the basement before we completely unpack)

We’ve had a lot of help over the past six months mainly from my Dad and Matt’s Dad. We also hired professional help for several of the jobs listed above, so it has not all been DIY.

It’s been a lot of work and at times I’ve been frustrated that we don’t seem to be accomplishing more. The to-do list is still very long, even if I just look at what we want to complete over the next six months. Looking back at what we’ve accomplished makes me realize that we have done a lot over the last half-year.

In the review that I posted when we were two weeks into farm ownership, I wrote:

This is definitely where I want to be. I feel very privileged that we were able to make this happen and that we’ve found the property for us. It’s very special. Tiring and a lot of work, but still special.

This statement still completely reflects my state of mind. We are so happy to be here, working together to build our forever house.

4 thoughts on “Six month review

    • I’m going to remember your comment, Dave, on those days where I feel like we’re not getting very much done. Thanks for all of the help you gave us. The roof is the biggest accomplishment on that list, IMO, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

  1. That list is HUGE!! I think part of the reason it may not feel like as much as it is, is because a lot of it is the underlying layer of things that you need to have working in your life to be comfortable, not necessarily the finished products or things that are fun to show and involve more of the creative process. But this list of projects is going to make all the rest of that possible. I think you guys did an amazing job!

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