I live in a gated community

It’s a very exclusive enclave we have here in the country.

Population: 2 (plus 1 cat and 1 kitten)

With our new gate in place at the bottom of the driveway, farm living has become quite chi-chi.

Gate at the bottom of the driveway

Open sesame

Actually, setting aside my new pretensions, we installed the gate for security. We’re far enough from civilization that neighbours or police really wouldn’t be much help to us in the event of a break in. If we’re home we can keep an eye on things, but when we’re not the gate may just be enough of a deterrent to people who are thinking about trespassing.

I’ll admit that I was initially pretty resistant to having a gate. I don’t like the way they look, and I didn’t want the inconvenience of opening and closing it when I was coming and going.

However, I actually like the way our gate ended up looking. It’s still a bit of a pain to stop, open the gate, drive through, park and close the gate when you’re leaving or arriving, but it’s a small price to pay for feeling secure about our house.

It’s a simple set up: just a chain and a padlock

Padlocked gate

If you want in, you have to have the key

My Dad and Matt made some metal hooks to support the gate when it’s closed and when it’s propped open.

Large metal hook

The hook supports the gate to ease the weight on the hinges and also secures the gate in place.

We do like having visitors at the farm–at least from people we know. So if you’re planning on dropping by, let us know, and we’ll open the gate for you!

Open gate

Welcome to the farm

Anyone out there live in an actual gated community? How do you deal with security at your house?

See my earlier post for the story of setting the posts for the gate.

10 thoughts on “I live in a gated community

  1. Luckily for my family we don’t live in a gated community we live out of town. Though like yourself we do think about security and have a gate at the entrance to our property. We have dogs which make a hell of racket whenever anyone approaches.

  2. We live on a farm and have plenty of gates for pastures, cattle, fields, etc. but none for our home, yet. Unfortunately our area has become quite populated with people growing illegal substances in the hills and on other people’s property, so we are installing a gate at our home to deter the rift raft – if the dogs weren’t enough!

    I like the hooks you have on your gate! I’m going to show my Farmer.

  3. We have a gate at the end of our quarter mile driveway. With a chain and padlock though we went the combination lock route so any of our welcome visitors can be given the combo to come and go. We also have a dog and a couple of cats – soon to have a half dozen head of cattle. I really believe a gate is a deterrent. Harder to get in, harder to drag out loot if the place ever gets burglarized.

  4. The gate is a good idea, and I like how it looks, too. Nice colour 🙂 We don’t have a gate (and don’t live in the country), but we do have a huge dog. Not that he would be capable of biting anyone or even barking! But potential intruders don’t know that.

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