As the winds were picking up, and the rain was blowing in, and most people were stocking up on bottled water and batteries to prepare for super storm Sandy, I was shopping for a pumpkin.

Pumpkins on a wagon

Love the honour system approach at the rural pumpkin patch. Pick your pumpkin and put your cash in the cookie tin nailed to the wagon.

Perhaps my disaster preparedness skills could use some work. On the other hand, I think Matt’s and my pumpkin carving skills are highly developed.

Dracula pumpkin carving

Do you know who this is? Pattern via Masterpiece Pumpkins.

Matt recognized him right away, but then Matt’s a huge fan of classic horror movies, and this is one of his favourites.

ETA: The most popular guess has been Nicolas Cage. I can see the resemblance, but that’s not who’s on our pumpkin. Think classic movies, people!

It’s our first Hallowe’en at the farm, so we’re not familiar yet with the local customs. We’ll leave the gate open and the lights on tonight in case any trick-or-treaters decide to make the trek up the driveway, but we’re not optimistic. I think Drac might stay in the house on the hearth where we can enjoy him.

What’s your pumpkin carving technique? Intricate pattern or classic geometry? Animals, scenes or faces? Anyone out there going door-to-door tonight? What candy are you on the hunt for? If you want to toss some peanut butter cups or Crispy Crunch my way, I wouldn’t object.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone.

11 thoughts on “Drac-o-lantern

  1. Awesome carving!

    My BF’s kids are 11 we went with cartoon carving this year: two minions from Despicable Me and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

    I live in a rural community too and we have the same honor system at the pumpkin patch. If no one’s home just leave money in the box. As we put our money in it made me all warm an fuzzy that I live in a community that can do something like that!

    I live far enough out of town that I usually don’t have Trick or Treaters, but I usually have candy on hand in case. And I make sure to buy my favorites since I will be left with all of it! Happy Halloween!

  2. We learned the first couple of years after moving to our community that no one trick or treats here. The lots are too far apart and we don’t have sidewalks so it’s just too dangerous. The local church holds a Harvest Festival and they host a “trunk or treat” – residents park their cars and decorate them and kids go from car to car. It’s a wonderful alternative and attracts a lot of people even from the big city nearby. This year, since my kids are 2 and 4 and slightly more excited about candy, we drove a couple of hours to a friend’s neighborhood and trick or treated with them. I forgot how much fun that is. And her neighborhood is just like Wisteria Lane (without the intrigue) – everybody knows everybody, the kids go door to door for candy, the parents walk around with their wine glasses and get fill ups from generous neighbors. How fun is that?

  3. Nice pumpkin! Is it Bram Stoker?
    I’m using a drill and bling stickers on mine this year. I do craft lessons with an 11 year old girl, and I think she’s going to really enjoy that.
    And who needs batteries and candles when you have an awesome drac-o-lantern?

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