Cozy kitties

A giant crate had been sitting in the burn pile beside our fire pit ever since Matt and I dragged it up from the end of the driveway at the start of the summer. I kept saying, “I’m sure we can use that somewhere.” However, it was Matt that finally had the vision of where.

Matt cuts a large crate with a sawzall

Slice and dice with the sawzall

He sawed it in two, filled each half with straw, placed them in a sheltered corner in the basement of the barn and, voilà, cozy cat beds.

Cat beds in a barn

One bed even got a canvas tarp for extra coziness.

Cross task #3–fix up some winter beds for the cats–off our fall to-do list.

Our hardy, independent barn cats are living in the lap of luxury now. Easter and Ralph have each claimed a crate and made their own nests in the straw. Although they’d probably stay warmer if they snuggled, Ralph has put her paw down at babying her kitten any more. It’s in everyone’s best interest that they each get their own bed.

Documentation of their enthusiasm for their new beds was difficult to obtain.

Pictures of Easter look like this.

Cat in crate filled with straw

“What are you doing over there? I’m going to come see you!”

Or this.

Cat eating treats

“Treats! Oh yes, please! I like treats!”

We finally got Ralph to model for us, but even she looks like she wishes she was somewhere else.

Cat in straw

“Are you done yet? Back scratches will only get you so far.”

The crates may be a little rustic for other felines, but our pusses think they’re just purr-fect.


For future photo shoots, anyone have any tips for encouraging cooperation from cat models? Is there anyone else who has four legged creatures sleeping in your barn, shed or garage? For other cat owners out there, where do your kitties sleep?

6 thoughts on “Cozy kitties

  1. I have a hard time photographing the cats. They’re outdoor kitties and have found beds for themselves somewhere in the garage – it’s open doored so they have in/out access. They’re tough little things – the coyotes around here are plentiful and they still manage to survive. Our winters don’t get that cold – around 25 degrees F typically. Some nights drop into the teens but our prior cats have never had a problem. They have awesome fur.

  2. I think you need to use a stop-action aperture for photos of Easter! Lol. Those beds look great. Between them and their extra-furriness, they should be in great shape.
    That crate looked like it used to be a garbage can shelter. Is that what it was for?

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