Snowy winter weekend

The biggest snowfall in several years is forecast for tonight. As I was arriving home, the flurries were starting to fall, the wind was picking up and the snowploughs were scraping along the road in front of the farm.

I could see the storm coming over the fields as dusk was rolling in.

Snow clouds at dusk on the farm

It appears the weather gods heard that our winter warm-up party is this weekend and that sledding and skating are on the agenda.

Winter warm-up party invitation

We’ve had a full week of cold temperatures, so the pond seems to be well-frozen, and as of tomorrow we hope that we’ll have enough snow for sliding over the fields.

Plus, if by any chance work is cancelled tomorrow due to the weather, I’ll have some extra time to test the ice and the slopes. Not that my fingers are crossed or anything…

ETA: The weather gods and powers that be cooperated and work is closed! Woo-hoo!

What do you have planned for this weekend? Any outdoor activities or parties on the agenda? What’s the weather like at your house? Have you had a snow day yet this winter?

6 thoughts on “Snowy winter weekend

  1. I am sure several people would disagree with me around here, but I really want a really big snow! We had 50F yesterday and 32F today down here in Illinois. We still have a chance for a snow but it won’t be much longer until it starts warming up here!

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