Snow day

Snow day on the farm

Friday brought a record-setting snowfall, a day off work for both Matt and me and lots of unusual happenings, like going back to bed at 7am, eggs and bacon for breakfast on a weekday and movies in the afternoon.

Some of the other unique ways we spent our time included rescuing a not-so-bright kitten who decided she was bored in the barn, but then spent some time cowering under Matt’s car when she realized there was no one outside to play with and the snow was too deep for her to return to the barn.

Cleaning snow off the kitten

In this oh so flattering picture, Easter is being de-snowed over the kitchen sink.

We returned the kitten to the barn, which was definitely more sheltered than under Matt’s car but still slightly snowy. Lots of light and fluffy snow combined with strong winds meant drifts were everywhere, including inside the barn.

Snow drifts inside the barn

We traded the kitten for Matt’s GT snow racer, picked up a crazy carpet that came with the driveshed and headed out across the fields.

Snow was deep and the field with the best hill is farthest from the house. The walk was a workout, and rest stops were required.

Matt takes a break with his GT snow racer

The quote of the day came from Matt: “I don’t remember tobogganing being this tiring when I was a kid.”

A tip for anyone else who’s no longer a kid, yet still wants to ride his GT snow racer: the best way to “fit” on the sled is to ride in a mostly standing position.

Kid or not, a snow day is a pretty good deal–an unexpected free day. No excuse needed to stay home, break from the usual routine and have some new experiences.

Who else loves a snow day? Have you had one yet this winter? Anyone have a pet who’s not too smart? How about a GT snow racer? Matt figured out that his is about 24 years old. Have you been tobogganing this year?


6 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. A nostalgic note about that model of GT snow racer that Matt is riding in that video there. I had the exact same model, with the rounded steering wheel. I have many a memory of riding down hills standing much like he was and flipping over the steering wheel because of some abrupt stop at the end. (just like he did). The only difference is that I, for some reason, would press all of my weight in toward the steering wheel column as I was hurtling through the air and snapped loose the 3 “spokes” which held the outer circle in place. I remember having to buy replacement wheels or scrounge some from other scrap GT’s to keep mine going. It must’ve been a problem, because a few years later GT’s were sold with square steering wheels with 2 handles on each side. Or maybe I was just rough on my toys..anyways, mine hasn’t lasted 24 years, and is long gone.. Good on Matt for keeping his around. Looks like you have a decent place to use one.

  2. Snow days are the best!! I’m impressed with Matt “standing” on the GT. 🙂 My kids had a GT that looked pretty similar to that one – circa 1994 or so? But it is definitely long-gone.

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