Odds and ends

Thanks everyone for all of the comments, likes and hits on last week’s posts about our one year farmiversary and blogiversary. I have lots of updates and projects on tap for year two. Today, some smaller updates all at once.

To start, some very exciting news:

Wood stove sold

Yes, the woodstove is finally sold. In the end, kijiji came through for us. My roadside sandwich board probably generated the most inquiries, but no one followed through. The saga is not over though. The guy who bought it didn’t want the chimney or the heat shields, so we still have those to get rid of. Will we ever be done with this woodstove and its associated parts?

A year into farm ownership, and we’ve finally had our first overnight guests. I won’t say the guestroom is fitted out particularly well, but we do have a bed. That it was set up mere hours before our first guests arrive is just SOP for us. Oh, and I did patch the hole in the wall from where we fished the internet wire. I didn’t paint it, but it’s patched.

Poor Wiley had to do a balancing act for a few days while we had his tire repaired.

Flat tire off its rim

You may recall he came up lame while plowing the driveway after our snow day.  The tire was extremely flat–and folded and frozen. Matt’s Dad took care of the repair for us, and fortunately was able to just get a tube to go inside the tire. We reused the original tire and rim, which saved some money.

And in news unrelated to farm living or home renovating, I’ve started sewing another fancy dress. My youngest sister is getting married in two months, so that means I need another bridesmaid dress. If this one goes anything like last year’s, I may have another most-read post coming up.

In the course of writing this post, I’m realizing that what I originally thought are little accomplishments actually highlight tasks I still have to complete. For the year two to-do list, I need to add

  • Sell the rest of the woodstove parts
  • Fix up the guest room to be a little more hospitable
  • Finish sewing my bridesmaid dress

Well, at least Wiley’s good to go… although I’m not sure how proficient he is with a needle.


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