And then this happened

You realize it’s inevitable. But still you want to believe it won’t happen to you. After avoiding it for 10 years, I thought I might escape. But then one day, driving along minding my own business, it happened.

Odometre at 99,999

This followed soon after:

Odometre at 100,000

My little 10-year-old car has turned 100,000 kilometres.

I realize she’s a little late to reach this milestone, but walking to work for five years meant very low mileage.

Since moving to the farm, the kilometres have been rolling over very quickly. Along with higher mileage comes more trips to the gas station, more oil changes, more tune-ups and more money.

Small price to pay when my drive home ends at the farm.

View up the driveway

This is last March’s picture looking up the driveway. The scene this year is still snowy heading into extremely muddy and very, very grey. Yoo-hoo, Spring? Are you coming?

6 thoughts on “And then this happened

  1. You are a lucky owner if your car is 10 years old and just hit 100,000. Am working on hitting 200,000 and it will be my second car to reach that milestone! Love the photo of your driveway. We’re all yearning for spring and sunshine. Sunday was such a tease.

  2. Great pic of your drivewayJulia. My philosophy is to drive my vehicle until the day I hear “repairs will cost $2,500 or $1,800, etc. etc.”. In the last 22 years I have had 3 cars (current one for the past 2 years). Two of which were retired because of the cost, at that particular time, to repair. Of all the things I can list that I would like to spend money on, the car doesn’t rank high enough. I had a Honda (1987) that I bought when it was 2 years old and took out a 2 year loan to pay for it. I drove that car for 13 years! That was 11 years without a car payment. Yes, I replaced the exhaust once, and bought new tires, and had regular oil changes/maintenance…but all of that was manageable without a car payment!

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