Sunrise special for breakfast

Sunrise over a snowy field

With the switch to daylight saving time last weekend, the view from my breakfast table has changed a little bit.

Yesterday, a week of cloudy days gave way to a beautiful pink morning.

As I watched the sun come up, I thought of my Auntie Anne, a great cheerleader, a loyal blog reader, a sometimes commenter and a sunrise watcher. When we first moved to the farm, she asked if we got sunrises and sunsets. Yes, Auntie Anne, we do.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise special for breakfast

  1. And that was a pretty one too. I bet the ball of red that came after was spectacular. I also enjoy tracking the now eastward path of the rise of the sun. Eventually I will have to go outside to the ravine to actually see it. Then, of course , it swings back westward until it rises almost over the house across the railroad tracks and valley(about the beginning of the New Year).

    Thank you for sharing that lovely picture and enjoy your wonderful start to your day.

    Love, Auntie Anne

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