Coming to terms with my crafty side

I don’t consider myself to be a very crafty person. If I’m going to work on something, it’s likely going to involve large power tools, lots of dust, potential of injury and probably take over a whole room. However, as we’ve moved from the construction phase into the decorating phase in the basement, I’ve found myself working on crafts.

I made a large wooden die, as in singular dice.

Big dice beside a little dice

This was my first crafty project, and I felt really weird doing it. Like it wasn’t worth my time. I did use my skill saw and power sander and kicked up a bit of dust, which made me feel better. But then there was the miniature paint brush and the stencil. What the heck am I doing with a stencil?

The finished die is living on top of our TV cabinet in the basement, serving as a bookend to some classic tomes.

Large dice bookend

If you’re feeling crafty and want to make an oversize wooden dice yourself, here’s a link to my printable stencil. It’s sized for a 6×6 block (so each face is 5 1/2 inches). And if you’re a bit of a fiend about getting the details right, my stencil includes a pattern for the accurate configuration of the faces based on my Yahtzee game.

I also painted a tray.

Painting a backgammon tray

In keeping with the fun and games theme we have happening in the basement, I was planning to make a backgammon inspired tray for the top of the ottoman. When I found one at Value Village, I snapped it up–leaving the glass chess board that sat on top behind at the store.

The blond wood base and black and grey backgammon markings worked well for our decor. The red wood frame did not. A sample pot of Benjamin Moore yellow green perked it up in a hurry.

Tray with backgammon board base

You already saw the umbrella stand that I made for the Pinterest Challenge. I’ve also done some wood cuts–for gifts, so I can’t show them yet. I have plans for some more gifts and more fun and games inspired art for the basement.

It seems like now that I’ve started crafting I can’t stop. I’ll admit there’s something rewarding about working on a project that takes only one evening to complete, but I am starting to feel the need to demolish and rebuild something.

9 thoughts on “Coming to terms with my crafty side

  1. I love the die! I have a couple of ottomans that I want to do and was thinking of just covering them with new fabric, but I think I’ll paint some dots on them to make them into dice. Thanks for the inspiration! And the backgammon tray looks trés chic! ~M.

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