Searching for my dream ‘man

Never fear, Matt, you are still the man for me. What the title of this post refers to is my search for the perfect ottoman.

In case it hasn’t been clear, I’m loving our big, beautiful, brand new basement. However, things are a little barren down there. Between the two very large main rooms, we’ve only furnished one corner of one room–the TV area home to the most comfortable sectional ever and my homemade custom TV cabinet.

Our two lone pieces of furniture were both working out great. What wasn’t working so well was the big empty space in the middle of the sectional. We had nowhere to set a glass, a snack or a remote control.

I knew I wanted an ottoman–somewhere soft and cushy for people to put their feet up, something that could serve as extra seating if needed and something that had storage inside.

I was still in the looking around and seeing what’s available stage when we stopped into the store where we’d bought the couch. They offered a large storage ottoman with a hinged top made by the same company that made our sectional, Decor-Rest. I was planning to take it under consideration, but then Matt said the magic words, “Just buy it, woman.”

The guy really wanted a spot to set his drink.

We put in our order, and a few weeks later it arrived.

But now that it’s here, I’m not sure that I love it.

Decor Rest storage ottoman

Faced with placing the order more quickly than I expected, I chose the same fabric that we used on the couch. My original vision had been for a contrasting fabric with a bit more pattern, rather than matchy-matchy.

I didn’t want the same fabric, but I did want the same feet. The feet on the ottoman are in the same finish as the feet on the couch, but they’re narrower and taller than the feet on the couch. I realize this probably isn’t noticeable to most people, but the fact that the ottoman is an inch or so taller than the couch bugs me.

While the ottoman is too tall outside, inside it’s too short–or at least shorter than I expected. The top cushion is very thick, which limits the depth of the storage part. There’s still enough space to put the video game accessories, DVDs, throws or whatever else I decide to hide away, though, and the shallower storage will save me from losing things in the depths of the box, I guess.

Allow Guitar Hero to demonstrate the interior capacity of the storage ottoman.

Guitar Hero games and guitars inside the DecorRest storage ottoman

The biggest thing I’m not sure about is the shape. Back when I was imagining the basement, I had envisioned a square ottoman. This one is rectangle. It is a very large rectangle–36 inches by 28 inches by 20 inches tall–and fits comfortably in the centre of our sectional. And I guess the rectangle gives more breathing space between the ottoman and the TV, which isn’t a bad thing.

I’m not planning on returning the ottoman or reupholstering it any time soon, so it’s not as though our relationship is doomed. It does what I want in terms of storage, seating and providing a soft space to put up your feet. The overall style matches the style of our couch. I may trim the feet a little bit–we’ll see.

Even if the ottoman isn’t my dream ‘man, it accomplishes one other important objective: it gives my two-legged dream man a place to put his drink.

Tray on top of an ottoman

Isn’t there some saying about this situation? Happy husband, happy life? Somehow that doesn’t sound quite right to me. What about you? How do you approach furniture shopping? Have you ever had buyer’s remorse after a big purchase? Are you an ottoman or a coffee table person?


6 thoughts on “Searching for my dream ‘man

  1. We have both an ottman and a large coffee table. And it is NOT working. Currently the coffee table is pushed up against a wall and I can not stand that. My guy is wanting a large sectional, which I don’t mind but it limits the ability to change around the room. I can see us having the same decision to make as you when the time comes.

  2. I know what you mean about the matchy – our living room furniture all matches and I wish it didn’t. Yours looks like a nice neutral gray – so maybe break it up with contrasting or really colourful throw cushions and blankets. As for more hidden storage, maybe a storage bench – black leather or something – that will be a different texture too. I think it’s hard to judge it (yourself) until it is completely done. You could also make a full-size tray to sit on top if you want it less ottoman and more coffee table. Or just an even bigger tray so more of it is hidden. I think there is a lot you can do with the space to hide the matching.

    And as for the height, I like my coffee table higher because it is easier to put a drink on it, but for an ottoman it could make it less comfortable – My first thought was to shave down the legs a big, or raise the couch somehow. It may sink down after some use as well.

  3. I thought of an easy fix for the fabric. You could make a cover like a little fitted sheet, or change pad cover, that just stretched over the top cushion. It would be washable, too. 🙂

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