Happy birthday, Easter

Our fluffball, our baby, our idiot, our kitten, our Easter turns one year old this week.

Grey kitten on green grass

She snuggles like a baby.

Matt and Easter eye to eye

She has the attention span of a toddler.

Kitten laying on a gravel driveway

She has the ambition of a teenager and is keen to get her driver’s license.

Cat sitting on a truck tire

She wrestles with her mama Ralph, errant stones on the driveway or the strings on my lawn chair.

Kitten playing under a lawn chair

She’s always starving and has been known to break into the house in order to get to the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl (seriously, she’s crafty). She has also learned to hunt for herself.

KItten drinking milk out of a bowl

She thinks she’s a dog, chasing sticks, digging holes and coming when Matt whistles.

Kitten playing with a stick

Her voice is still her squeaky kitten meow unless she thinks we’re abandoning her–going down the driveway to take out the garbage or walking around the corner of the house out of her line of sight are cause for very long loud meows.

Around the farm, she’s known as baby (my label), BH (Matt’s holdover from when we called her “Big Head“), DB (“Dancing Bear,” Matt’s label for her tendency to rear up on her hind legs so that you can scratch her head), and occasionally Easter.

Happy birthday, Easter.

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Easter

  1. Your pictures capture “catness” perfectly Julia! My cat also loves the bottom of the cereal bowl and has been known to go to extreme lengths to get at it :). Thanks for the post.

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