Medium rare with a side of blue air

The result of writing a post showing your barbecue bursting into flames is that your in-laws send flyers full of barbecue sales home with your husband. As a result of those flyers, you arrive home later that week to find a very large box sitting in your foyer.

Master Chef barbecue in a box

That very large box leads to a very big mess all over your living room as your husband assembles the new barbecue. It also results with you being kicked out of the house so that your husband can curse in private.

Assembling a barbecue

Readmission to the house is conditional on your participation in carrying the new barbecue outside, which results shortly thereafter in dinner–cooked by your husband.

Barbecuing hotdogs and hamburgers

So he took care of the shopping, the swearing, the constructing and the cooking. I’d say I got the better end of this deal.

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