Doe a deer

It’s apparently wild kingdom week here on the blog, and I’ve saved the best for last.

White tailed deer in molt

For the past week or so, deer have been grazing in the back field. They show up every night around 8 o’clock and eat their bed time snack before heading back into the bush.

White tailed deer grazing

Some nights there’s been only one. Usually there’s a group of three or four. The high point was a herd of seven.

We can walk partway along the back lane towards the field without them bolting.  Usually we just watch them with binoculars and try not to spook them.

Fortunately, Matt’s brother, who came to visit last weekend, has a better camera than we do–and is also apparently a bit of a deer whisperer–because he was able to get quite close and get the best pictures so far for us. Thanks, Greg!

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