This past weekend, my extended family came together to celebrate my youngest sister’s wedding.

Another sister and another wedding mean another special dress. Given that my post about my bridesmaid dress for my middle sister’s wedding last year is still the most popular post on this blog, I of course have to write about the dress I sewed for this latest wedding.

Blue one shoulder bridesmaid dress Simplicity 2253

This is Simplicy 2253. When it came time to choose bridesmaid dresses, my sister the bride said, “Whatever you want.” My other sister already had a dress that she liked, so I just had to find something that complemented her dress.

Bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses in blue and pink. Simplicity 2253 and Vogue 1182

My Mom, who taught me to sew, also sewed her dress (Vogue 1182). If you want the details on my dress, here’s my review.

As fancy as we all look here, it was a construction themed evening, as my sister and her new husband are building a house together. The message of my Mom’s speech was how building a house is like building a marriage. Her take away quote: “When the mud gets deep, celebrate. Buy a great pair of rubber boots and celebrate that you have each other and you can handle whatever comes your way.”

The wedding was a great celebration for our family. Congratulations to Cynthia and Dave. I wish you a great marriage and minimal mud.


8 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. You sewed another gorgeous dress, Julia! You’re so talented. Everyone looks beautiful and what a lovely setting!

  2. Your family sounds great. It’s pretty amazing that the bride said to get whatever dress you wanted. Awesome, non-high-maintenance bride! An unusual thing, these days. Your dress is lovely. You all look gorgeous, and I really like the white-amidst-bright colours theme that both your sisters went with.

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