Landscaping… the long list

I cannot bring myself to write a list of everything I want to do for renovations in the house, but for some reason I have no problem doing a master list for the landscaping outside.

Landscaping plan

Alright, I’ll admit it. That’s a little overwhelming.

There’s obviously a lot to be done, so it’s a matter of prioritizing what part of our 129 acres we want to focus on. This year, it’s the residential area.

Layout of the residential section of the property

And just to make things a little clearer than the animation above, here’s the plan for this year.

Landscaping plan for this year

That’s manageable, right? As you saw at the beginning of the week, we’ve already made some progress on the turn around, the flowerbeds and the pond shore. Maybe by the end of the growing season, we’ll have the property in shape.

The long term plan will take who knows how long.

Long term landscaping plan

I’ve decided my goal when it comes to outside work is to transition from landscaping to gardening. Weeding flowerbeds is much more manageable than building them.

How do you handle renovations and landscaping at your house? Do you write everything down or just keep a mental list? What are you hoping to accomplish this summer?

9 thoughts on “Landscaping… the long list

  1. I am a list person. I make lots of lists. I feel so overwelmed if I don’t have a plan. However, my boyfriend is NOT a list person. He says that looking at all the projects written down overwelms him. So when it comes to projects around the house that we are going to tackle together, if I make a list it is only for myself, and because he doesn’t like lists, we never go in the order that I have written. Obviously, we have to use a lot of cummunication! 😉 We are finishing up our deck. Our next big project is a two bedroom addition!

  2. Yes, the deck is completely done by us, designed by us, built by us. Our first BIG project, we’ve done lots of remodel work. Is is a pretty simple design, but doubled in size from our first drawings! 😉
    The addition will also be completely done by us, with some helping hands from our parents. I am very nervous, because I have never built anything that large or complex, but my boyfriend is great about just diving in and figuring it out, and I just dive in after him! 😀

  3. Your land is AWESOME. I drool over the thought of 129 acres. Orchard. Check. Cows. Check. Chickens. Check. Christmas Tree Farm. Check. Vegetable Garden. Check. Greenhouse. Check.

    Ohh lordy lordy lordy.

    Also – what on earth is a drive shed? Is that like a garage?

    • What I call the driveshed is a smallish barn/big garage. I believe that traditionally, drivesheds were used to store vehicles–buggies, sleds, tractors, trucks, implements. A lot of them were open so that you could easily drive in and out, although ours has doors. It looks like our doors were originally big wood sliding barn doors, but now there’s only one left and the other’s been replaced with a garage door. Some day I’d like to park the tractor in there, but we need to clean it out and and organize it first!

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