Naked snake

A flasher recently passed through the farm. He left his coat behind.

We’re keeping our eyes open for a skinny fellow, more than two feet long, currently wearing shiny new scales. He’s not considered dangerous.

In case anyone still hasn’t guessed the answer to last week’s guess what post, it’s a freshly shed snakeskin.

Shed snakeskin

I found it in one of our flowerbeds last weekend. I’ve never seen a snake skin before outside of exhibits at the zoo. I found it really neat how it was all in one piece and how the scales were so clearly defined.

Close up of a shed snakeskin

A few of you guessed that it was a milk snake. Matt and I have conducted extensive research online, and we’re pretty confident that this skin belongs to just a regular garter snake. Regular or not, for me the snake skin is another novelty of country living.


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