How to mend a torn window screen

In the category of better late than never, I’ve finally fixed our torn window screens.

Torn window screen

You may remember that one of the last jobs I completed on my fall to-do list (on the first day of winter, no less) was to remove all of the window screens so that I could clean and patch them over the winter.

So yeah. That didn’t happen.

Now June is here and I’d really like to open a window without inviting the local mosquito population inside. It was time to get on with mending the tears.

First I trimmed the ripped screen so that I had a regular shaped hole.

Square hole in a window screen

Then I cut a patch from my replacement screening. The patch should be about 1/4 inch bigger than the hole all the way around.

Patching a torn screen

Next I lined the patch up over the hole and sewed it in place. I used regular black polyester sewing thread and tacked the screening about every three holes.

Stitching a patch on ripped window screen

I stitched my way around the patch and when I got to the end I simply knotted the thread a couple of times.

The patch is not invisible, but it’s not very noticeable. Most important, it does the job of keeping the skeeters and other flying critters on the outside while letting the fresh air come through to the inside.

Patched window screen

I will take an open window over air conditioning whenever possible, so with the weather getting steadily warmer, the repaired screens are a cause for celebration for me.

How about you? Are you a fresh air lover or an air conditioning aficionado? Does anyone else have experience patching screens? I’m sure my method isn’t the only solution. What’s the mosquito population like where you are? We seem to have had a baby boom this year, so the screens are absolutely essential.


4 thoughts on “How to mend a torn window screen

  1. I massively prefer open windows to air conditioning. And my method for screen-fixing would probably be to replace the whole piece of screen – definitely more work and expense that way. I’m glad you found a simple and quick(ish) solution.

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