That time again II

Basket of strawberries

Our local strawberry farm opened last week, and you better believe I was there during the opening hour on opening day. I picked two baskets before heading in to work, and the next morning went back to pick some more.

So far, we’ve been eating strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Strawberries with whipped cream and on cereal

Still on the menu for this week: waffles with strawberry maple syrup.

I love this time of year.

Have you had many strawberries yet this year? How do you like to eat them? Does anyone else have a bowl of whip cream in the fridge? Who else has gone picking? Are you growing your own berries?

11 thoughts on “That time again II

  1. My BF’s parents picked up some for us and we froze half and I made half into strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream! I think I added too much vanilla because it wasn’t “fluffy” whipped cream it was more “pudding-like” ??? But that of course did NOT stop me from eating it!
    We have a fairly nice sized garden, but next year we are adding on to start a strawberry patch!

    • I don’t add anything to my whipped cream. Matt would like it to be a little sweeter, but, honestly, I love it as is. I can eat it with a spoon (perhaps I shouldn’t be revealing this). I cannot handle the “edible oil product” that comes in a can.

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