Distractions in thrifting

The other weekend while we were anxiously waiting to see if we’d be approved to adopt Baxter, Matt and I decided to distract ourselves with some retail therapy. He mapped out a route of second hand stores, and we headed out.

It turned out to be a great outing. Wandering the streets, admiring the architecture and the gardens of the historic houses, popping into stores here and there–it was pretty relaxing, even if I was checking my phone every stop for a new email.

And we each came home with a few treasures. Mine was found deep in the back room of a cluttered consignment store.

Old wash tub filled with firewood

It’s been nearly a year since I pinned the Paxton Copper Bucket from Pottery Barn. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a metal wash tub to hold firewood in the living room.

This one is huge, and, just like the Paxton, it’s both practical and decorative. The handles have obviously been reattached at some point, but overall it’s in pretty good shape. And for $40, it was a decent price too, in my opinion. Much better than the nearly $260 that PB wants.

I may be jumping ahead a bit, given that we don’t yet have a working fireplace, but that’s a minor detail.

And the addition of our firewood tub has provided me with some motivation. Our mason is coming over tonight to advise us on what it’s going to take to make the fireplace live up to its beautiful new (to us) sidekick.

Are there any fellow thrifters out there? What are you on the hunt for these days? What’s the greatest treasure you’ve found? Anyone else have a wood burning fireplace? Can I say I have one even if it’s not useable? How do you store firewood?


10 thoughts on “Distractions in thrifting

  1. Love the bucket!!! I picked up a copper one at Aberfloyle last year(although I paid $90) still so much better then the darn PB prices! We love Aberfoyle but have so many antiques right now Branko says it’s prob. best we don’t go!

  2. Every single piece of furniture in our house came from auctions or thrifting. The only thing we’ve bought new are mattresses and a leather chair (that now looks more beat up than anything else we own). We’ve bought items for as little as $5 (sometimes less) and refinished them or reupholstered them to suit us. We manage to get better quality furniture than new this way.

    Aberfoyle is a fun spot to browse, as your previous commenter said, but I find auction sales much less expensive than antique markets.

  3. I want want want a fireplace! I grew up in a house that had an awesome three sided one (my parent’s still live there) but it was never safe to use due to poor design and previous maintenance. And my parents had no desire to make it work so Mom just puts candles in it, which are very pretty but not the real deal.
    My BF has been informed several times that our next house WILL HAVE a fireplace! 😉

    • I feel you, Sarah! I grew up with a wood burning fireplace, and that’s what I found I missed the most at our last place. I made it through one winter here without getting this one going, but I don’t want to go another one without it!

  4. We use a feed bucket for our wood too! Actually found it at a barn sale years ago. Needed a bit of TLC (and spray paint) but it works great.

  5. Nice bucket! I love thrift stores – love them a little too much, Sharon would say… Actually I’ve been downsizing a predilection for retail therapy – first by a move to thrift stores and the dollar store, then by cutting down altogether. We have an online classifieds site and they have a “free” section in which I often find great things. What I truly have to balance, however, is living in a tiny place as well.
    I can’t even decide what my best thrift store find was, I’ve had so many. I also love church sales and garage sales. They’re just way too much fun!

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