Ralph’s raspberry patches

The rainy spring and the hot summer have conspired to produce a bumper crop of raspberries this year at the farm.

Black and red raspberries

Black raspberries grow wild on the bank outside of the barn.

Black raspberries

Ralph keeps a careful eye on them and performs quality control inspections during picking.

Ralph the barn cat looking over the harvest of black raspberries

Just to the east of the barn–in the spot where I want to put the vegetable garden–is a patch of red raspberries.

Red raspberries

I’m going to try and preserve some of these canes when we dig out the garden, so we can continue with our raspberry bounty each summer.

I’d love to transplant the black ones into the garden as well. Does anyone have any idea if they would survive a move? Any tips for transplanting? The black ones are smaller, seedier and sourer than the red ones. Do you think if I watered them or fertilized them they’d plump up?

7 thoughts on “Ralph’s raspberry patches

  1. Julia, Steve said as long as they are watered and the temperature is not like it was last week, they should survive.

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