Battling the dungeon

On the quest to renovate the basement at our first house, Matt and I dove in with our characteristic “go big” approach.

Everything that was in the basement came upstairs and was stacked in the dining, living and bed rooms making for a lovely “Hoarders” atmosphere.

Items from the basement stacked in the dining room

Downstairs, just like we would do a year later at the farm, we went back to the concrete. Buh-bye blue room.

Gutted basement
And farewell weird shelving area.

Gutted basement

We reframed. We rewired. We reinsulated.

Basement renovation

We drywalled. Lots of drywall, although not as much as last summer. Lots of taping. Lots of pasting.

Basement renovation

We laid new flooring, and we painted. We installed new trim, new shelving, new closet rods and doors.

Curious how it all turned out? Were we able to banish the dungeon?

Tune in next for the reveal.

4 thoughts on “Battling the dungeon

    • We were fortunate that the foundation had been dug out and waterproofed before we bought the house. As much as I complain about the previous owners and what they did to the house, this is one project that they thankfully did well. As long as we were there, we had no issues with water in the house.

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