Opinions on farming from Baxter

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed last week’s guest posts as Matt and I enjoyed a little vacation. We’re back to our regular routine, but apparently there’s one most guest post yet to go. It turns out that Baxter has something to share with you all (or, as he says, y’all), so I’m turning the blog over to him today.

Now, I know I’m new to Canada, but I do have some experience with farms (remember Kentucky and the chickens?), and there’s been something bugging me ever since I came to live with Julia and Matt.

There’s no other way to say it. Our fields were a sorry site.

Sure a couple of them had seen the mower this year, but three of them hadn’t. And two of them were at the very front of the property for everybody to see. The grass was so tall it had started to fall over. And after a rain, well golly, then we had these huge matted down areas in the fields.

Our farm was looking downright derelict.

The grass was so high that we would walk to the edge of the field, but we couldn’t go through it.

And never mind sniffing. Do you know how hard it is to sniff over grass, rather than follow a trail right along the root?

Baxter sniffing in the long grass

It wasn’t fit for man, woman or dog.

But, finally someone decided to do something about it, and I have to tell y’all it is marvelous.

Not only does the farm look better, but it smells better too. Whole new worlds have opened up.


I’ve walked on ground that I never walked on before. I’ve sniffed smells I never smelled before. I’ve watered grasses I never watered before.

So far, I’ve attended to the perimeter and inspected the hay on two new fields.

Baxter inspecting a big round hay bale

I saw some signs of the other doggies that I hear at night–the yippy howly ones named Coyote. As much as I’m curious to meet these doggies, they have to know that this is Baxterland, so I sprinkled some of their markings.

Sometimes, I’m near overcome by the twitching in my nose, and I have to just sit down and sniff. Don’t worry though, I always get up and finish my patrol.

After all, this is my farm now. It’s my job to look after it.

4 thoughts on “Opinions on farming from Baxter

  1. Baxter is wonderful. I also seem to have seen that white slalom ski somewhere before. Hope you had a great vacation.

    Enjoy your last two weeks, Matt. Love Auntie Anne

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