Making dreams come true

Since moving to the farm, the animal that Matt has wanted more than any other to see on our property is… a wild turkey.

Goat came out as the top guess in last week’s poll. Matt’s extremely enthused about goats–mostly for their lawn mowing potential, I think. In fact, he confessed that he very nearly voted for goat himself. However, the true animal of his dreams is the wild turkey.

We’ve seen them in local fields. We even saw their tracks in ours. We had one brief sighting of a hen (right on the driveway turnaround on the day after turkey season). But all in all, the turkeys have been elusive.

Until this happened.

Wild turkey

Well hello fellow. Or should I say fellows.

Two wild male turkeys

These two tom turkeys appeared out of nowhere, strolling up the path from the pond to the house. Matt was so excited he called me at work to share the news.

To answer a couple of questions that were raised by the poll:

  • Jared said, “I would like to clarify: Even though I didn’t vote for Baxter, I assume he’s automatically allowed to stay. :P”
    Absolutely! He isn’t going anywhere. And really, I’m not sure that we really count our fuzzy family member as an animal anymore.
  • Diane asked, “Why wasn’t a duck listed as an option?”
    Because this is Matt’s list, not mine. 🙂

Our big question is will the turkeys stick around?

Pictures in this post courtesy of my brother-in-law Greg who also shot the best photos we have so far of deer at the farm. Apparently he is some kind of animal whisperer.

Now a few questions for you. What animal do you most enjoy seeing? Is there an animal you haven’t seen yet that you’re keeping an eye out for? Do you have wild turkeys in your neighbourhood? Anyone have any tips to entice the turkeys to move in permanently?

10 thoughts on “Making dreams come true

  1. I think it might be easier to list the ones I don’t like to see – we had another run in with a skunk last night (it missed the dog, but sprayed the yard), the dogs have gotten a little too up close and personal with the local porcupine population and I think the coyotes made off with our last cat.

    The deer and turkeys seem to keep coming back once they decide to move in. They just like to stay well hidden. We found a large group of turkeys just last week in a far field, hanging out with the bee supers.

  2. Wild turkeys are actually quite a nuisance around here. They do a lot of damage to corn fields. We don’t have any around our house, but ask any farmer and they will not be encouraging them around.

    We really don’t have any wildlife around with our two dogs and the neighbors down the road having dogs. I can hear coyotes in the distance but I hope they stay in the distance.

    My boyfriend and his 12 year old son wishes we had more squirrels but I am pretty sure that is just for hunting purposes! 😉

  3. Wild turkeys! That sounds very woodsy and farm-like. I thought “goat” but voted for deer. However, the animal I see most around here is fox. I hope they don’t like wild turkey.

    However, since you have seen three all together lately you likely have a winning population.

    I too will expect ducks soon.

    Auntie Anne

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