There’s been some weird things happening this week… too weird not to share with you.

They could just be coincidences, but I’m choosing to believe that the universe is speaking to me.

Coinkydink #1: Tuesday, I posted about my wing chair dilemma. A few hours later, I found out that I won the Austin chair from Decorium in BlogPodium’s registration contest.

Austin chair from Decorium

What I’ve not shared with you before is that I have a bit of a thing for chairs, so this is absolutely the perfect prize for me (even though I still want a wing chair). Between our house and my parent’s, I have numerous chairs, most in need of repair, refinishing and reupholstery. I see them sitting at the side of the road, and I just can’t pass them up. Long before we ever inherited our dining room set, I had first fallen in love with the chairs which I’d seen spread around Matt’s grandfather’s house.

Apparently, the universe approves of my chair habit. In fact, the universe is an enabler helping me to build my collection.

Coinkydink #2: After writing the post on Sunday afternoon about Baxter’s disappearing act, I checked my stats to see how the blog was doing as I do everyday. I found that someone had found their way to my blog by searching “baxter dog runs away.”

Baxter dog runs away search term

Universe, I got the message. I will keep him on the leash from now on.

I’m still looking for the lesson the universe had in mind when Baxter ate the tray of brownies off the counter, raided the garbage for chicken bones and then chased a skunk–with the predictable result–all within 12 hours. I mean, beyond the lesson of “thou did not set thy dog up for success.” That one came through loud and clear… and pungently.

So, there’s been some ups and some downs this week. How’s your week been? Does the universe ever speak to you? Am I just imagining things?

4 thoughts on “Coinkydink

  1. Congrats on the chair! And I think the fact that you have a healthy, three-year-old dog who is coming out of his shell to start making mischief is a good sign. It probably means he’s starting to feel comfortable in his forever home, and can’t believe his luck that he’s on a farm with awesome owners and SO MUCH to explore! I mean, come on, 129 acres! 😀
    (And I know a worse dog-owner-guilt story: our tenant’s dog also ate a pan of brownies from the counter, only they were the pot variety… The poor dog was pretty sick and had to go to the vet. O.o Luckily he completely recovered, but his owner’s guilt was profound!)

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