Big question for a big blogging weekend

You nearly didn’t get to read this post. Baxter and my walk yesterday morning came to a crashing halt (or more accurately a dashing sprint) when he pulled the leash out of my hand and went running into the woods in pursuit of something.

Matt and I spent an hour thrashing around in the dark with flashlights calling his name. When we had to go to work, his parents took over and spent four hours at the farm searching/waiting for him to come home (yes, I have the best in-laws). After an anxiety-filled day that included climbing electric and barbed wire fences and calls to animal control, I arrived home to the welcome sight of Matt walking over the back field, Baxter at his side.

The Dude had spent the day getting up close and personal with a tree in the back woods. Thanks to his trailing leash, he hadn’t made it very far in his mad dash through the forest. Despite Matt, his parents and me all walking within 100 metres of him, he hadn’t made a sound and our woods are thick enough that we hadn’t seen him. Fortunately, Matt has a sixth sense… or something… and he managed to find him. Baxter had been on our property the whole time.

Holy hell, people. This dog may do me in.

Anyways, I’m not looking back at what might have been. Let’s look ahead.

This is a big weekend for me. Tomorrow I will be spending the day with more than a hundred other bloggers at BlogPodium.

I am attending Blog Podium

BlogPodium is Canada’s top conference for design and lifestyle bloggers.  There are sessions on everything from social media to monetization, a panel of high-profile editors from Chatelaine and House & Home, an opening keynote from superstar designer Sarah Richardson, exhibits from sponsors including Home Depot, Delta Faucet, Para Paints and Loblaws, and lots, lots more. I am very excited.

But one question is plaguing me. What do I wear? Bloggers are one of the best dressed groups out there. They’re stylish and chic with a definite creative edge. Stylish, chic and creative, yup, I can do that. However, my blog is Home on 129 Acres. I think I need a little bit of country in there. (Look at me branding myself through my clothing).

Here’s my idea for an outfit. (Apologies for the bad photo. I had plans to reshoot it, but my time was hijacked by a four-legged runaway).

BlogPodium outfit

White trousers, fresh from the dry cleaner in the nick of time. Pink plaid shirt, desperately in need of a close encounter with a hot iron before Saturday. Strappy nude/pink patent heels. I’m still debating which bag and which wrap work best. What do you think? Nude seatbelt bag or blue leather purse? Bright yellow pashmina or soft blue? I probably won’t wear the shawl the whole time, but I want to have it in case the rooms are cold.

Aaaah! I forgot about jewelry #cannotleavethehousewithoutearrings. Hmmm…

Cowgirl earrings

Those might be a little more cowgirl than country. I tend to be a pearl studs or big chandeliers type of woman.

Help me, people. My future as a blogger is hanging in the balance.

(For those with no interest in fashion, my apologies for the break in our usual programming. I promise to refrain from too many forays into my closet in the future.)

In turn, Baxter I would appreciate if you would please refrain from running away.

What’s on tap for your weekend? Any new experiences on the agenda? Any outfit dilemmas I can assist with?

14 thoughts on “Big question for a big blogging weekend

  1. I love the outfit! it is very ‘country chic!’…..and totally matches the brand of the blog….a little bit country and a lot of class. I would go with the blue accents and the boots earrings (they are so cute!) I think you are going to look great and I hope you have a great time! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. I’ve never been to a blog conference, partially because I would hardly call what I write a blog (I’m have a sneaking suspicion 3 people read it and all the other hits google tells me are accidental clicks) but seriously, they aren’t near me and also every photo shows people super dressed up. I would literally show up in either a long skirt, or a maxi dress and a bun messy on top of my head and I’d be like “yo, who are half of you because I read like a small tiny handful of blogs and I’m suppose to know who you all are and this is way too overwhelming”.

    So I say just go and be comfortable. This weekend I’ll be nursing a nasty chest/head cold while likely helping install windows and start residing the house. By “helping” I mean handing him things once in a while, doing some laundry, taking some photos, maybe pulling some nails and mostly burying my head in a pillow.

    Have an absolute blast though. Your blog is adorable and I love when I have time to catch up on it. I feel like if we were in the same country and actually met we’d be buddies – and that means you write really well! You make people want to be your friend! 🙂

    • Okay. This ranks as one of my favourite comments ever. Thank you so much. Let’s be virtual friends until we can meet IRL! BTW, you totally write a blog. Labels can be scary sometimes (I still don’t necessarily call myself a “blogger”), but they also show that we respect the effort and thought we’re putting into things.

      I love reading your blog too and am always excited when a new post shows up in my feedly. Good luck with the weekend and feel better.

  3. Thank goodness Baxter ended up OK. How stressful!

    I have absolutely no fashion sense, so what you picked out looks great to me! 🙂 I’m excited to hear about what you learn at the conference this weekend.

  4. I’m know this is way too late, but for what it’s worth, I really like the blue pashmina and nude seatbelt purse. 🙂 I hope the conference went well! And is GPS for dogs really a thing? Poor guy, stuck in the woods. Bear would do that too; he never barks, weirdo dog.

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