Birthday wish come true

See my full review of the Ikea Strandmon.


It was my birthday over the weekend. BlogPodium was my present to myself, but what about that other item that was on my wish list? A certain chair that I was hoping my family would give me…

Sitting on a cardboard box

Hmm… that’s certainly a new chair. Not sure about the style… or the comfort for that matter.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Ikea Strandmon box

Ooooh! Goody, goody, gumshoes. I think my birthday wish has come true!

Behold Strandmon in my basement.

Ikea Strandmon wing chair

Behold me in Strandmon (reading the Inspired Styles book that I won through BlogPodium… and wearing Mickey Mouse socks… hmm).

Lounging in Ikea's Strandmon wing chair

All of my previous discomfort is gone. I love Strandmon. He perhaps may have the title of most comfortable chair ever. It’s only fair. After all, he shares the room with the most comfortable couch ever.

Thank you Matt and all of my family members for going in on this gift.

Now for a footstool and side table… and boy do I have ideas, people. Stay tuned!

Did you add any new furniture to your household over the weekend? What are some of your favourite birthday presents? Does anyone else buy themselves gifts for their birthdays? Does anyone else wear cartoon character socks?


27 thoughts on “Birthday wish come true

  1. Hi Julia,
    It was great to meet you on Saturday. I had a great time. We did see a piece of furniture last week that would have to bump something else as we are out of room.
    I buy myself books for all occasions- birthdays, Long weekends, valentines day- I may throw one or two in the order for family.
    How is the book you won?

  2. Happy belated birthday! Standmon looks amazing!! Not only comfy, but totally stylin’. I got a piece of furniture OUT of my home yesterday – we bought a beautiful change-table/dresser for my son and his girlfriend, who are expecting my first grandchild next month 😀 I found the dresser on Used Vic (our online classifieds), and it matches the crib they got, it turns out, pretty much exactly. That’s what I was aiming for! They’re happy with it, and I’m happy to have it out of my living room, too.

  3. HI Julia,
    I would like to know how has the Strandmon been so far after a year of use? is it still comfortable as it was a year ago?

    • Hi Jon,
      The Strandmon is still a very comfortable chair. It doesn’t get daily use, so I can’t claim that we’ve been hard on it, but for all of the sitting we’ve done the fabric, cushions, firmness etc. have all held up really well. I’m really happy that we chose it.

  4. Hi Julia,
    Thank for the reply :-). That sounds really promising. I was at our Ikea over here in North Germany two days ago and I tried out the Strandmon in grey fabric as well as the one in black imitation leather. The 1st few tries it was really comfortable so I decided to get the one in leather( it looks really classy). But the funny thing is, after the two days of sitting in it, I sort of have this slight lower back discomfort. Do you happen to experience that as well?

    Kindest regards!

  5. I purchased Strandmon for my family in last Saturday, 20 years have passed since I purchased my sofa !!
    My wife love so much, I realized Strandmon is very important gift for her. Little change in daily life, was adventure for us!!

    • Hello. The Strandmon is still going strong. We’ve had no issues with anything–the upholstery, foam, frame. Everything is still strong and pretty much like new.

      We’re not rough on the chair and we don’t sit in it 24/7, but we do use it regularly.

      I’d highly recommend it.

  6. Hi! I just found your review! I’ve had a Strandmon for a few years now but have not given it heavy use. However, I had some room mates for about a year who I found out later were having parties with their friends when I would be away on weekends and I’m pretty sure their friends sleeping on it pushed one of the wings out. I’ve sort of forced it back in but it pops back out every so often.
    Today I was working from home and since it mostly involved reading and learning some new software, I’ve been sitting on my Strandmon chair with my feet on the matching stool (the stool was on sale during a Wacky Wednesday event else i could not have afforded it!)
    It has been relatively comfy, but my butt is starting to hurt after a few hours on it 🙂 This is the most time that I have ever spent sitting on it. I do love this chair very much! I might need to put more pillows under my butt when I am planning to sit on it longer!

  7. Hi Julia! Im 5’0″ and I’m wondering if this will be a comfy chair to do my hand stitching? How tall are you? You look very comfy! Thank you!

    • Hi back, Jennifer! I am 5’4″. I find the Strandmon quite generous, but comfortably so. I bought a second one to use in our daughter’s nursery, so I have definitely put it to the test. I’ve found for extended nursing sessions, I like having a pillow at my lower back. I would recommend it to you because you can easily insert pillows if you want to shrink it down.

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