Ikea Strandmon wing chair review

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

I’ve made no secret of my love for the Strandmon wing chair from Ikea. Our first Strandmon lives in the reading nook in the basement, and I like it so much that this chair was my first and only choice for the nursery (and now for my friends too).


My posts about Strandmon are some of my most frequently visited on the blog, but I’ve never published an official review, so today I’m going to remedy that (with only a slight overdose of cute baby photos).

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

Size & shape

The Strandmon is a pretty classic wing chair. Ikea first introduced it in the 1950s and the design hasn’t changed dramatically in today’s version (although they continue to release new colours). I like that the chair isn’t super mod or unusual. Its timeless design means it will always be in style.

Ikea Strandmons in the store

Strandmon is a large chair. Overall, it’s 32 1/4 inches wide, 37 3/4 inches deep and 39 3/4 inches high.

The back height is super supportive, and the wings are a great dimension to support my head when I nod off while feeding Ellie. The arms are the perfect height to support my elbows when nursing or reading.

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

I am not a very tall woman (5 feet 4 inches) and was not blessed with long legs. With my butt all the way to the back, the seat is too deep (21 1/4 inches) and too high (17 3/4 inches) for my feet to touch the floor. However, I like the generous depth.

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

I pretty much always sit with my feet up, and I highly recommend a footstool or pouf to increase the comfort of the Strandmon. (I’ve not tested the footstools that Ikea offers. Instead I made my own sturdy round ottoman for the reading nook and a large Moroccan-style pouf for the nursery.)

For nursing I like to have a cushion at my back for extra comfort.

My favourite thing about the shape of this chair is the angle. The seat, the arms, the back are all tipped back slightly. This encourages lounging and is the biggest factor in making the Strandmon so comfortable.

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review


Both of our Strandmons are in the dark grey fabric (what Ikea calls Nordvalla). We’ve had the basement Strandmon for 5 years and the fabric looks new (although this chair does not see daily use). In the nursery, this chair is used multiple times every day, and it’s holding up really well.

The nursery Strandmon was bought secondhand. It came from a house with dogs and has now seen six months of baby. Matt gave it a coating of Scotchguard spray before Ellie arrived, so it has an extra layer of protection from spit up and milk and whatever else Ellie might (literally) throw at it.

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

What’s under the fabric is also important. I like a firm seat, and the Strandmon lives up to my expectations. The cushion is very sturdy and hasn’t softened despite frequent usage. The frame also feels very strong and we’ve not noticed any wiggles.

While most Ikea furniture requires assembly, the Strandmon comes nearly fully assembled. The only construction is screwing in the legs. The legs are solid and we’ve not had any issues with them loosening.


Our version of the Strandmon is $299. Different upholstery options cost a bit more. I paid $140 for the nursery Strandmon secondhand.

Ikea Strandmon pricetag

Not as expensive as many chairs out there, but definitely not Ikea’s cheapest offering.

For me, the Strandmon is a good value.

Ikea Strandmon wingchair review

The final verdict

I highly recommend the Strandmon. For comfort, style, quality and value it ticks all of the boxes for me.


15 thoughts on “Ikea Strandmon wing chair review

  1. I love the Ellie pictures ❤ It is so important to have a comfy place for nursing and reading and baby soothing! I never thought of Scotchguarding our rocker, what a great idea. I could have used it to be on there this morning! I love your nursery and love following along with you and Ellie as my baby boy was born within a month of her. You are doing fine work in that chair, mama. Keep it up!

  2. That’s a great endorsement for the Strandmon! I will be getting some new chairs at some point and will definitely try one out next time I can get to an Ikea.

  3. Hi, thanks for your review.

    I’m consider to buy strandmon or poang.
    I will use for reading, is this chair good for reading?
    And how about cleaning, is this easy to clean ?

    • I use it for reading, both on my own and with our daughter, and it’s very comfortable. The cushions and cover do not zip off, so spot cleaning is required. We scotch guarded the chair for our daughter’s nursery, and that has worked pretty well. Spills don’t sink in, and that gives us time to wipe them up. The seat cushion comes off, so it’s easy to vacuum underneath. There aren’t a lot of other nooks and crannies for crumbs to hide.

  4. I came across your review when I was searching for information on the strandmor chair. I have 2 and don’t find them comfortable. I am tall (5’8”) and do have long legs. My problem is when I sit in the chair if I lean back I am almost semi reclined like in a lazy boy but without the feet coming up. I have to put a pillow behind my shoulders to sit upright enough to drink a cup of tea. I was trying to search online to see if maybe I had the legs installed incorrectly. With COVID of course I can’t go to Ikea to sit on other ones so I was hoping I could find an answer on the internet.

    • I would agree that they are semi-reclined. I have footstools with both of mine, so I feel that helps. I also had some pillows on the one in my daughter’s nursery that I could adjust when I was feeding her. I’m using mine mainly for reading–not a tea drinker–which I find them quite comfortable for. I am also shorter than you. Sorry I can’t help answer your question, but I expect your input may be helpful for other people considering these chairs.

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