Paintings, pillows, Property Brothers, oh my!

My good friend Catherine and I headed into Toronto a few weeks ago for the Fall Homeshow.

Catherine and I at the fall homeshow in Toronto

Neither of us knew what to expect, but we’re both enthusiastic about our homes, so we decided it would be a fun way to spend a day together. We decided to go on the Saturday so that we could check out the Property Brothers.

As you can see from the photo, the PB presentation was a mob scene. Soooo many people, Catherine and me included.

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott at the Toronto Fall Homeshow

Apparently, ’tis the season for me to be dazzled by TV personalities. Just like with Sarah Richardson a few weeks ago, I was impressed by Drew and Jonathan. Their presentation was straight-forward, funny and down to earth. They had a lot of good tips for people about everything from renovating to decorating to financing. I actually really like their show because I’m all about seeing the potential in a place and then working to make it live up to my vision. Plus, I think their designs are usually pretty liveable. BTW, there’s also a little known third property brother whom we also got to see.

Away from the main stage, there were lots of booths and lots of vendors. I had expected more exhibits, but pretty much every booth was someone selling something. Nobody was pushy, but I guess I was just looking for more inspiration than actual products.

There was one particularly inspiring exhibit by Habitat for Humanity where bloggers, handymen and women and other people had all upcycled various items from the ReStore. There was lots of creativity from shelving units to furniture to wine fridges and even a light fixture.

Habitat for Humanity Restore exhibit at the Toronto Fall Homeshow

And amongst all of the vendors, there were two that I now covet.

The first was textiles from Andrea Hylton home. She had amazing pillows and blankets in beautiful colours and patterns. There were mellow earth tones, saturated jewel tones and sophisticated fabrics that would work upstairs. There were funky patterns and bright colours that would work in the basement. Can’t you just picture this green mohair throw paired with Strandmon in the basement? I could have bought everything in her booth.

Green mohair throw with multicoloured fringe by Andrea Hylton

The second booth where I again could have bought everything was artist Beverley Jenkins. She does amazing oil paintings. I love original art, and some day I’d love to have a few pieces of my own. I would have started with the birch forest at right below without any hesitation if only it hadn’t been out of my budget.

Paintings by

The really unique thing about her paintings is how highly textured they are. She sculpts the paint on with palette knives making a three-dimensional canvas. I tried to get a picture of the paint, but I’m not sure it really comes through.

Detail of oil painting

Catherine was the perfect partner to go to the Homeshow with because she’s all about embracing whatever comes. So while the vendors may not have been what we came to see, we got into the spirit, trying out crazy chairs that gave full-body massages, watching cooking demonstrations, having detailed conversations about shower heads with a plumbing vendor, filling out surveys, entering contests and getting our pictures taken in our “dream” room at the Scotiabank booth (mine was the kitchen. Catherine chose a great backyard patio).

Scotiabank dream room at the Toronto Fall Homeshow

All in all, it was a fun day, and I did end up coming home with some inspiration. The best part was getting to spend time with one of my best friends. Catherine just bought her first place this summer, and she’s been busy painting, decorating and making it her own. Check out her blog to see her space.

Who else has made it out to a homeshow recently? Is anyone in the process of decorating a new house? Are there any other Property Brothers fans out there?


8 thoughts on “Paintings, pillows, Property Brothers, oh my!

  1. My boyfriend and I love watching Property Brothers! Funny story, his 12 year old twins were in the kitchen this weekend where I was cleaning and had Property Brothers on and one said, “Those guys have the same smile, are they related?” I said, ” you can’t tell they are twins??!!” He said, “no, their hair is different.” Seriously, those two amaze me!

  2. Sounds like a fun day with your girlfriend.
    I met hubby downtown after work and went to the show. We too were disappointed at the lack of inspiration. Breezed through most aisles fairly quickly. Visited with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint people the longest. Apparently there were more people to see her on Sunday than the prop. Bros.
    Glad we didn’t have to pay for tickets and parking was free too.
    The little flashlight from Rogers, after a very long entry, came in handy for map reading at night on our recent 5 day thrifting adventure to Connecticut.

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