Pudding puppy

Baxter was feeling a bit lonely one day last week while we were at work. To show us how much he really cares, he decided he’d bake something for us.

Birthday cake

Okay that’s not it. That’s the birthday cake that he helped Matt with last month.

Check out Bax’s solo effort.

Baking dog

He got as far as getting the flour out of the cupboard. Then, unsure what to do next and still feeling a little lonely, he did what most of us do. He turned to comfort food.

In Baxter’s case, that’s chocolate. (If there was any question about whether he’s meant to be our dog, his chocolate obsession has cleared that up).

Fortunately, there were three boxes of instant chocolate pudding powder in the baking cupboard. Snuggling down in his bed–his favourite place to eat his kong–he eased his lonesome heart with powdered sugar and chocolate crystals.

Pudding powder meet dog bed

The good news of the day:

  • Baxter’s new bed launders very well.
  • I store the real chocolate–bakers squares, wafers, chips–in large canisters, so the foods that are really truly dangerous for him are not accessible.

That afternoon we arrived home to our usual enthusiastic greeting and an unusually messier house. Matt took our baker for a long walk to work off his sugar high, while I stayed behind to install baby locks on the cupboards.

Baxter seemed to suffer no side effects from his pudding powder binge, although he did have the inevitable sugar crash.

Sleeping dog

The best news: A week later, the baby locks seem to be working, and Baxter’s baking urges and chocolate cravings seem to be under control.

Does anyone else have a lonely dog? How about a baking dog? Who else’s dog likes foods that are bad for him or eating in bed?

12 thoughts on “Pudding puppy

  1. Glad to hear Baxter’s OK after his little “snack”!

    To prevent/pre-empt/treat separation anxiety in all of my dogs, I always leave them with kibble-dispensing toys and/or stuffed, frozen food-carrier toys. I’ve been lucky in that so far none of my dogs have had such a serious case of SA that this hasn’t helped them.

      • A lot of it depends on the chewing strength of each pup, I have toys that I give to Starr that I wouldn’t dream of giving to Inka because he’s a much stronger chewer, but a lot of the “basic” hollow rubber toys go down well with kibble in for both of them, also toys like the Buster Cube and Kong Wobbler – but be careful if you have anything that may be easily damaged at floor-ish level – perhaps shut a door and keep Baxter out of that room if he has that sort of toy to play with. The other thing that my two are left with – and in fact always have access to – is chew toys, both Nylabone and pieces of Antler; but again when buying be aware of Baxter’s chewing strength and style – if I were to get the appropriate sized chews for my two they’d be gone in no time, so we have the sorts of chews that you might expect to see in the house of a bigger dog, but they last a lot longer, which is better and safer for Inka & Starr

      • Thanks for the advice. Bax isn’t a big chewer, but when he does he has a very strong bite. One of my big questions is what toys to buy–not too hard, not too easy, not too big, not too small. I like your suggestion of erring on the side of bigger and tougher rather than too wimpy.

      • Our vet told gave us this tip. Mix the food with water into a mash, and then stuff it in the kong and throw it in the freezer. The next day take it out of the freezer for a couple minutes before you give it to Baxter and then let him have at it. It might not last a super long time, but it will last longer. She mentioned doing the same thing with beef bones that they’ve eaten the marrow out of.

  2. I really should post photos sometime of Rosie in her “garbage bed”, which is what we call it when she gets the recycling, chews it up on her bed, and then lays on top of it when we get home. She’s most definitely not trying to hide it, it’s more of a point of pride and “look what I did today!” with a cheeky look. It’s rather hilarious. When she was a puppy we did indeed come home one day to find her with chocolate paws, and marshmallows stuck on them. She got into the hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. It was pretty hilarious.

  3. We put peanut butter in Bear’s kong sometimes. Not too much, but smeared on pretty high up inside. It takes him some work to get it out!
    It’s pretty funny to come home and see things they’ve done themselves. One day our previous puppy, Cooper, got my dad’s straw hat in his X-pen. My dad briefly tried to get it back, but realized pretty quickly that it was a goner. When I got home, my dad had this bemused look on his face when he told me, and when I looked, there was straw from one end of the kitchen to the other, and every piece under two inches. There was absolutely nothing left of the hat. I can just see him shaking that thing to death in a glorious straw shower! 😀

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