Mudroom inspiration

How many people dream of a mudroom that looks like this?

Yeah. Me too.

This was not in the cards for our mudroom update.

Some day, I plan on having this mudroom. However, that will involve demoing the current mudroom, building a front porch, relocating the front door, constructing an attached garage and converting part of the pool room to my dream mudroom–complete with heated floor and built-in cabinetry. This is a project that is somewhat, shall we say, down the road.

My current mudroom project was all about the budget challenge: make the room both functional and pretty for minimal money. That meant DIYing, reusing and lipsticking. You know, a makeover, not plastic surgery.

The first decision that I made was exactly what colour of lipstick. It might be an unconventional choice for make-up, but I knew I wanted to go blue–something like the sky outside. The mudroom is a transitional space between inside and out. It seemed appropriate to reference nature. While paint usually intensifies when it’s put on the walls, I was worried that the colour actually might appear lighter in the mudroom, given the number of windows we have. When I saw Wythe Blue on House of Turquoise, I knew I’d found my paint.

I may be more than a year late to the Wythe Blue party, given that Benjamin Moore named it colour of the year for 2012, but I finally made it.

Inspired by this entryway update from Casa de Lewis, I considered installing paneling, or board and batten, or even just a very simple plate rail.

But then I remembered that with two doors, a window and a large closet, actual wall space was pretty limited, and I decided that extra mill work wasn’t worth the effort (plus, let’s be real here, it would have upped the budget ever so slightly, and I am super cheap).

I also wanted a place to sit down and put on/take off my shoes. By that I mean, a better place than the park bench plopped in front of the closet doors. A simple rustic bench with enough space to tuck boots underneath would do nicely.

My final inspiration is for a project you’ve already seen: the umbrella stand inspired by Karen’s Country-Living-inspired basket–wow, that’s very inspirational.

My plan was to put it all together, cross my fingers and hope that when it came time for the big reveal, I had a tearjerker What Not To Wear moment and not an Extreme Makeover gone wrong.

And that will be coming up next.

What’s your favourite shade of blue paint? Have you added paneling on your walls? How do you handle seating in your entryway? Are you a What Not To Wear fan? Who remembers Extreme Makeover when it was plastic surgery?


8 thoughts on “Mudroom inspiration

  1. You have some great inspiration photos! I can’t wait for your reveal!

    When it comes to picking out wall colors….aaaackkkk! My boyfriend and I have repainted the diningroom three times and do not like the color still. We have some how “obtained” an entire paint deck (I am not asking how) and we spent at least an hour flipping through paint chips this weekend and we still can not decide on a color. I am kind of amazed that he is so concerned with what color we choose but I am glad to have him interested in the transformation!

  2. Love the first photo – I can see it translating well to your current mudroom! We have a tiny entryway and it drives me nuts! Nice to have an actual entryway, but with two little kids, there is a lot to cram into it….and by tiny I mean my whole 3 bedroom house is less than 1,000 sqft (bungalow, does not include finished portion of basement)! So my entryway is maybe 4ftx4ft…..

  3. Somehow I missed this one. I love that inspiration photo – but agree that your to-do list before you could have it is a bit daunting…how much is a mudroom worth? 😉 But I love the colour you’ve chosen, it’s lovely! I never knew colours won prizes, but why not? I should check out the colours of the year. Your basket is very like the inspiration. Was there a tutorial with that or did you just figure it out? And I can’t remember, did you make your bench or purchase it?

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